CB Braden Lenzy would like to get to know the Oregon coaching staff better.

Tigard (Ore.) HS's Braden Lenzy, is a 2018 prospect and is rated 4-stars by Scout.com as a cornerback. Lenzy will be one of the hottest prospect for next year's class and today eDuck spoke with Lenzy about how recruiting is going.

Braden Lenzy

Hello Braden, Have you had a chance to talk with the new Oregon Duck Staff?

BL: No I haven't.

Did you have contact from the old staff?

BL: They offered me last year.

How interested in Oregon are you now that there is a new staff?

BL: Very Interested before, still am, I just need to get to know them. Just haven't talked with Coach T.

How many offers to you currently hold?

BL: I believe I have 10?

Is there any school or schools that stand out for you?

BL: Right now I'm open to any school

Are you surprised the entire staff got let go, or the way the season was going expected some changes?

BL: I was surprised that they even let Helf go, I understand it's a business though.

Do you play other sports?

BL: Track.

Do you want to run track in college too?

BL: Ideally yes I would.

What's your current height and weight? What position do you see yourself playing in college? What weight would you like to be at by your freshman year?

BL: 6-0, 165 and unsure so athlete as of now. As far as my weight, by frosh year, probably 180, and I'm happy with my height, maybe 6-1.

What do you consider to be the strength of your game, and an area you would like to improve?

BL: My area of strength is speed. My weakness, strength.

Is there a pro or college player that you look up to?

BL: Odell Beckham.

Do you have plans to be an early enrollee?

BL: It's an option I'm considering.

What is your favorite subject or teacher in High School? Why?

BL: Probably creative writing. It's a lot of quiet time and working alone on pieces of writing that are personal. It's pretty fun.

You're on a desert Island for one year, you can only have one type of food, one book, one music artist to listen to, and one person, who or what would it be?

BL: Food, fried catfish; book, Relentless by Tim G; music, The Weekend and person, my best friend Keishon Dawkins.

Thanks for chatting with me Braden, have a great night!

BL: Thanks you too.


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