Ducks Improve to 5-0 in conference play and 156-2 over all

Oregon improved to 16-2 for the season and 5-0 in conference play fallowing an 85-43 win over Oregon State on Saturday night at Matthew Knight Arena. The Ducks won by running off 21 straight points to before the Beavers could score the first OS points. Following the game, reporters asked Altman about the contest.

 Dana Altman, Head Coach
On tonight's performance:
"We want to continue getting better. I think we are still behind some teams in the league and nationally. This was a great opportunity for Kavell (Bigby-Williams) to get some ball game, we spread the minutes around."

On the upcoming schedule:
"There are some quirks in the schedule this year. We have our work cut out for us; we have Cal coming in here with three straight wins, Stanford has their heads back up. We're going to face a lot of good teams with a lot of momentum. We're going to have to be ready to go."

On maintaining a large lead:
"Yeah, it is an odd situation. You just want to get better. It is different; there's not pressure to make a play, but, again, what I told our guys at the half, we just want to get better. There are a lot of new things to work on and we're trying some different things."

On getting comfortable in conference play:
"They better not. I mean, we've been at home for three games. The schedule for next week works against us. I hope they are not getting comfortable. I told them ready to practice on Monday."

 Wayne Tinkle, Oregon State Head Coach
On what it would've taken to get a win tonight:
"A lot better of an effort than what we had here tonight. We knew what we were coming into, this is a big time environment and a big time stage and unfortunately we didn't step up to it."

On his players' mindset coming into this game:
"I think we were nervous. They came out and got physical with us and we had a couple of guys that didn't know how to respond to their physicality."

On what he tells his players during games like this:
"We try to keep them focused on the simple things. The last thing we said before we left the locker room to start the game was to stay poised and stay in character and unfortunately we didn't do that, we panicked a little bit and we went away from things that we've been working on since day one."

On their attitude as a team going forward:
"We have to stay positive. We're going through some adversity and we have to find out who our soldiers are moving forward. I was proud of Drew's (Eubanks) effort and the way he kept his head when he could've lost it a little bit, so we definitely know that he's a guy that's part of the solution going forward."

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