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Jordan Miner is a 2018 corner back from Winegrass HS, Wesley Chapel,Florida. He is 6-1, 180 and just received an offer from Oregon. communicated with Miner and here is the transcript of that conversation.

 Jordan Miner

Congrats on the Duck Offer!

JM: Thank you!!

What coach(s) have you been talking with? When did they extend the offer?

JM: I've been talking with Coach (Raymond) Woodie  the most.

When did Coach Woodie Offer? How many current offers do you have?

JM: He offered me about an hour and a half ago and I have 13 right now.

How much interest in Oregon do you have?

JM: I have a lot of interest in Oregon all through elementary school Oregon was one of the games on Saturday I couldn't wait to watch.

Any favorite Ducks growing up?

JM: LaMichael James and Marcus Mariota.

Do you have any plans for summer, camps?

JM: I don't have any plans for summer right now, but I am doing the Under Armor camp next month.

Have you been on the West Coast/Oregon before? Will distance be a factor when picking a school for you and your family?

JM: I've been to Las Vegas with my team Tampa 7v7 team,  and I don't really have a problem with distance.

Did Coach Taggart recruit you while he was at USF?

JM: Yes sir, they were my fifth offer.

Can you tell me what Coach Taggart is like?

JM: He's very passionate, and he brings a lot of juice to the game.

I heard the staff use the term "juice" or "dawg" in them. Can you tell me a little of what that means, what is he looking for in a recruit?

JM: Juice is like being energetic and having that swag about yourself and what you do and they look for that in their recruits.

The Ducks have a few players committed for the 2017 class, what is the vibe in the Florida area like right now in regards to Oregon? Do you think Oregon can have a pipeline into the area for future classes?

JM: Everyone is aware of what's going on with Oregon, with coach T. used to be at USF, and I really think the coaches have that connection with all the Florida talent and can start a pipeline.

What important to you and your family when picking a school?

JM: Just making sure I get my education first off and what school do I have the best chance of playing at.

What's your current height and weight? What weight do you want to play at in college? What position do you see yourself playing in college?

JM: 6-1, 180 and I want to be 190-195 in college and I play corner.

Do you think you will enroll early?

JM: I'm not sure yet I haven't really thought about it.

What do you like to do for fun or to relax?

JM: For fun, I just like hanging with my friends and making jokes and just getting my mind off of football.

Thanks for giving me some of your time

JM: No problem

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