2018 JC Offensive Lineman

In 2016, Tramonda Moore was a 4-star offensive lineman, rated No. 12 in the country by Scout.com and was a US Army All-American. He was an Oklahoma State commitment but was unable to join the Cowboys and went to Independence College in Independence, Kansas. On Wednesday, just at NLOI Day was concluding the Oregon Ducks extended Moore an offer.

 Tramonda Moore

Congrats on the Duck offer!

TM:  Thank you sir.

Which coach(s) have you been talking with? When did they offer?

TM: Coach Cristobal and they offered this afternoon. (2/1/17)

Did Coach Cristobal recruit you when he was at Alabama?

TM: Yes sir.

That's pretty cool, while recruiting ‘17 class, they called, and did you follow recruiting today? Any friends commit?

TM: Yeah, lots of friends signed today. It's such a blessing to play at the next level.

How interested in Oregon are you?

TM: Very interested ... dream school growing up as a kid.

Have you been to Oregon/West Coast before? Will distance be a factor for you and your family?

TM: No sir, I haven't been out there yet, (and distance) not at all. Going where best fits me, a place I can call home away from home.

What is it about the Ducks that you liked as a kid growing up that made them a dream school for you?

TM: When I was kid it was the uniforms and their style of playing fast and up tempo.

How many offers do you currently hold? Do you have any plans for camps or visits to schools this spring and summer?

TM: I currently hold 6 offers; and no sir, not at the moment (camp plans).

What's your current height and weight? Did Coach Cristobal talk about how you would fit into his scheme?

TM: 6-5, 330, yes sir he did ! I love it.

Can you describe what he looks for? What he likes about your game?

TM: He loves how explosive I am off the ball and that I'm very athletic and get to second level really well

Do you think Oregon will get one of your official visits? You’re a 2017 recruit correct, what the signing period look like timewise?

TM: I'm a 2018 kid and I'll be an early enrollee in December.

Yes sir, they will be for sure! (If Oregon will get an official visit)

So you will have three years to play three?

TM: Yes sir, I will be redshirting this coming season.

How has your time at Independence Junior College been?

TM: It’s been good, I can’t complain, great coaches!

What schools have offered?

TM: Oklahoma State, UCLA, Oregon, UTSA, Iowa St. Mississippi St.

Do you have a leader(s) school at this point, or would you like to wait?

TM: I would like to wait.

What do you like to do for fun or relax, and if you didn’t play football, what would your dream profession be?

TM:  Hang with my brothers and friends, work out and play 2K. I always dreamed of being a detective.

Thanks for your time.

TM: No problem sir.


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