Ducks are back in Missouri City, Texas recruiting.

Mustapha Muhammad is a 4-star tight end from Ridgepoint HS, Missouri City, Texas. On Feb. 2, 2017, the Oregon Ducks offered him a scholarship.

Mustapha Muhammad

Congrats on the Duck offer!

MM: Thank you!!

What coach(s) have you been talking with? Who offered?

MM: Coach Noyer offered me earlier today.

What did he have to say?

MM: We just had a brief conversation about why they like me, and how they plan on using me. He gave me information about their university and program.

How interested in the Ducks are you?

MM: Very.

Have you been to Oregon before? Do you think you will visit?

MM: I'll definitely officially visit. I haven't been there before.

Is distance a factor for you and your family?

MM: Distance doesn't scare me at all.

How do they see you fitting into their offensive style?

MM: I could see myself catches a ton of passes in there spread offense.

In your HUDL video you seem to take pride in blocking, is that accurate?

MM: YES. You can't stress that enough as a tight end hoping to play early at the next level.

Ducks didn't sign any TE in the 2017 class is that something you think about?

MM: I definitely look at who they already have signed on their roster

What your current height and weight? What weight would you like to play at in college?

MM: I'm approximately 6-5, 235; I could see myself getting somewhere around 250-260 before the combine.

Is there a current college or pro TE that you pattern your game after?

MM: At the College level I look at Jake Butt, OJ Howard, Jordan Leggett, and Evan Engram. I've actually gotten a chance to communicate with all of them except OJ; I think that's pretty cool.

That is very cool, what did they talk about with you?

MM: They just gave me some insiders about their respective programs, and some tips too. Answered every question I had, I greatly appreciate that.

Most people never get to go through the recruiting process, what was some insight those TE’s gave you that surprised you, or maybe you hadn't thought to look at?

MM: I remember how Jake (Butt) was telling me he's from Ohio and never got the OSU offer as a recruit. So he went to the rival and look how that has played out for him. He went off against them this season and had a great season before tearing his knee. I really look up to Greg Olsen and Jimmy Graham at the highest level. Really, I can observe any NFL TE because they are at the level I aspire to be at, doing exactly what I want to do one day.

What is it about the Ducks that has your interest?

MM: The location is pretty cool to me, Coach Taggart is awesome, Nike (of course) and the whole opportunity in itself.

How many offers do you currently have?

MM: 33! Blessed.

Have you lived in Texas your whole life? When did you start playing?

MM: I am born and raised in the Houston, Texas area. I started playing in I believe the second grade?

Dang that is young

MM: Yup, in Texas football is a really big deal it's very common to play "pewee" football, it's just the culture.

If you didn't play pro football, what would your dream profession be?

MM: If I don't live my dreams and get drafted into the NFL, I'd like to get into the real estate business my father is running and when he retires I'd like to take over and keep it going through the family.

What do you do for fun or to relax?

MM: Honestly outside of football and school I'm just a regular teenager that likes to play video games sleep and hang out with friends.

Thank you for your time!

MM: No problem 100 percent.


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