Oregon squeaks by ASU 71-70

Dillon Brooks and Jordan Bell answers media questions following Oregon's 71-70 win over Arizona State.

 Jordan Bell, Junior Forward

On if this game restored their confidence after the loss to Colorado:

"No, we didn't shoot the ball that well. I think it helped us a little... it showed that even if we don't shoot the ball well, we can still win games."

On having a hard time shooting in the first half:

"Obviously everybody wants to shoot the ball, so you know we're going to take a lot of threes, because we're a three-point shooting team... the shots weren't falling in the first half, but coach said we were defending so we were right there in the game."

On being aware about what having a bad loss could mean for them:

"Coach talked about it, preached about it…he wants us to win Pac-12 regular-season title again. He told us it's still in our hands. If we drop a game, it's probably not going to happen, because we have teams right behind us..."

On the matchup against Arizona:

"It's going to be really important, I know they're going to come out and try to win at our home just like they did last year. It's going to be a tough game, just like UCLA. The fans are going to be there. There is going to be a lot of energy and emotion played in that game."

 Dillon Brooks, Junior Guard

On getting into a rhythm at the end of the game:

"I think it was right after I hit the little mid-range right off the glass I knew that any spot I wanted it to go in it would go in... my teammates kept giving me confidence and coach said 'just take whatever shot you would like.'"

On coach's message at halftime:

"Our offense will come, just keep getting stops and making plays for your teammates. Shots will fall and we have to keep rebounding and not giving second chance, because they were shooting pretty well."

On the feeling at the end of the game:

"Arizona State is a tough and gritty team. When I was looking at that schedule, I was saying you know that is a hard, tough match-up... I really wanted to pull out that win. I knew we couldn't lose this game, and I just wanted to put the team on my back."

On approaching the Arizona game as underdogs:

"You have to approach every game as the underdog. We approached Colorado on top and look what happened. They played harder than us, we played soft and pretty, we got to go out there and play hard nose and listed to Coach Altman." 

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