Ducks hit 16 three-pointers

Following Oregon's 85-58 win over Arizona, Dillon Brooks and Tyler Dorsey spoke with reporters about the game.

 Tyler DorseyTyler Dorsey, Sophomore Guard

On when he realized that he was dialed into the game:

"I just stuck with my normal routine. I did what I do every time before game day. My teammates were finding me in great spots. After I knocked down the first one, I felt like I could keep it rolling."

On the defensive effort:

"We had great communication throughout the game. We were switching mostly all ball screens and we just didn't have a lot of errors. They couldn't get a lot of shots and if they did, it was contested."

On mindset going into the game:

"We knew it was a big game for us. If we lost this game, we would have been two behind. We knew it was a pretty big game and we needed a win and to protect home court. We came out with a lot of energy. The atmosphere was incredible…the fans got us going…and it was just a great game for us."

On tough games coming up:

"We control our own destiny now. We know we have to go on the road and it's going to be tough. We just kind of have to battle and take it one game at a time. UCLA want to beat us, so we have to get ready."

 Dillon Brooks, Junior Guard

On if this was the best game that they have played so far this season:

"That was the best game I've played in my three years here. Guys were focused, guys were confident in their shots. You know, we had 16 threes, Tyler had 5 or 6…he gave us a great lift. Tyler is our X factor on our team, when he gets it going, we're blowing out teams by 20."

On if they have ever played that good of a game in their entire basketball career:

"Team effort, definitely not. Arizona is a great team, and they were guarding us pretty strong, but we were moving the ball and getting into open spots. Guys were really looking to make plays for their teammates and look what happened."

On coming out focused:

"We were pumped up to play coming off of a close game against Arizona State. We knew we had to play a lot better against Arizona. We couldn’t miss defensive assignments and we really had to focus in and that’s just what we did. Last time Arizona came in here, they beat us by 15. We wanted to get them back and keep the winning streak alive."

On what allowed them to have a good start:

"We were attacking, and once we attacked, we knew Arizona would collapse, because they don't really have shot blockers. Those threes just sort of opened up. Once we started getting those threes open, we could start driving the ball, and then… it was like a chess game. Whatever errors they were making we were capitalizing on every single play. We look up to Arizona and we want to be just as good as them and be just as prestigious of a NCAA basketball team. They have a great coach and great players. We are going to see them again soon enough."

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