Teagan Quitoriano

Hot new property in the state of Oregon

Standing 6-6 and weighing 235, from Sprague HS (Salem, Ore.) is Teagan Quintoriano a three-star tight end, but that all may change. Quitoriano just received an offer from Oregon and look for things to heat up. We had a chance to talk to Quintoriano about his future, his basketball team and his football recruitment.

Teagan Quitoriano

Congrats, on the Duck offer, what coach(s) have you been talking with? Who extended the offer?

TQ: Thanks! Coach Cristobal gave me the offer; I have been in contact the most with Coach Noyer.

Do you have time for a few questions?

TQ:  Sorry, I was playing in a basketball game.

Nice, did your team win the B-Ball game?

TQ:  Yeah we won.

Sweet, who did you beat, how many rebounds?

TQ:  We beat West Salem and 15 rebounds.

Nice work! How interested in the Ducks are you?

TQ:  I am definitely interested; I love the idea of staying in Oregon.

How many offers do you currently have?

TQ:  Two, Oregon and Oregon State.

What is your current height and weight?

TQ:  I am 6-6, 230.

Did you grow up in a Beaver or Duck household?

TQ:  I grew up in a beaver household.

Very cool; do you have any plans for spring/summer for camps or visits?

TQ:  I do not know yet, I will be playing a lot of basketball, and I will be going to visit USC in March.

USC camp? Do you want to play basketball in college too?

TQ: No, just an unofficial visit. I do not know yet, I am trying to do what gives me the best opportunities so I will decide that when it is time.

When looking at a school, what will be the most important factors for you?

TQ: Really depends on what I want to major in, and I do not really know at the moment.

What schools beside Oregon/OSU have you been in contact with?

TQ: USC, Washington State, Wyoming recently. I got a couple letters from Washington a while back but not really in contact with them.

Oregon didn't take a TE in the 2016 class; does that factor in when you look at them?

TQ:  Yeah, I mean that is great for me to get some playing time early if I was to go there.

Is there any college or pro player(s) that you look up to, or pattern your game after?

TQ: Gronk and JJ Watt are two of my favorite players at my position also Jimmy Graham.

Those are some good ones! What do you like to do for fun or relax?

TQ: Sleep! Play some 2k or just watch games with my dad.

If you could choose a profession beside pro football or basketball, what would be your dream job?

TQ: I do not know. Like I said I don't even know what I'm going to study yet so I'm not sure.

Would you say OSU is the favorite at this point?

TQ: No at this point, I do not have a favorite I think it is really early in the process for me to pick a favorite.

It was great chatting with you, good luck with the rest of your Oly's basketball season! Full disclosure, I grew up in Salem, played Football/Basketball at South Salem, thanks for not holding that against me.

TQ: Alright thank you very much it was great talking to you!


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