Running back Chuck Wick is starting to pick up interest.

Chuck Wick, St. Bonaventure HS, Ventura, Calif., has been to Autzen Stadium before to see his brother play for Wyoming in 2014. Now, entering his senior year of high school, Wick would like to return to Autzen for a visit.

 Chuck Wick

Hello Chuck, How is recruiting going for you?

CW: My recruiting has gone pretty well I have offers from Nevada, Fresno State, Wyoming and Hawaii.

That is great, congrats on being listed as one of the top backs in the West!

CW: Thank you do not forget to add those extra two stars, LOL!

Looking for that 5* status, I can appreciate that!

Are there any schools in particular you would like to hear more from?

CW: Oregon, UCLA, and Utah.

What interest you about the Ducks? Have you had any contact with the new staff?

CW: Love the Ducks  (but) have not been in contact.

Do you have any summer or spring plans for visits or camps?

CW: Heading up to Nor Cal schools with my 7v7 team performance legends then to Cal, Stanford, SJSU, Fresno State.  I’d like to make it up to Oregon, Oregon State and Wazzu this spring.

Have you been to Oregon before? Will distance be a factor in your decision for you and your family?

CW: Yes, I went for a game when my bro played for Wyoming against Oregon’s team that went to National Championship. My brother had 100+ rushing in first half. Distance is not far to Oregon, so not an issue.

Shaun (Wick) your brother? I recall that game, he was tough.

Growing up in SoCal what is it about Oregon that interest you?

CW: Oregon has been one of the most talked about program for years; the uniforms, facilities, what an incredible game experience from a fan perspective too.

What your current height and weight? What would you like to weight by the time you get to your FR year of college?

 CW: 5-11.5, 178; with my frame I see 205-210.

Watching your HUDL video, you remind me somewhat of Charles Nelson. What would you say your strengths are as a player, and areas you would like to improve?

CW: My strengths are vision, patience, and burst, ability to make people miss. I think my areas of improvement would be blocking techniques and get bigger in weight room.

You had some nice jump cuts too; do you play any other sports?

CW: Yes, I am on the Varsity Soccer team and Track.

What do you run in track?

CW: 200, 400, 800 and all hurdles.

How is St. Bonaventure going to be this year in football? Did you get a new coach last year?

CW: Yes, we hired a new head coach Tony Henney last month. Excellent coach, he has an excellent history of being a player’s coach and a winner. I like both.

What do you like to do for fun or relax away from sports?

CW: Play pick up volleyball, night at 24 Hour Fitness, surf and go to the driving range.

Thanks Chuck, have a great day!

CW: You too!

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