Oregon looks in-state at a very intriguing possibility.

Oregon is looking for big men and on Monday, the Ducks offered Draco Bynum from Wilsonville HS in Wilsonville, Oregon. Bynum stands 6-5 and weighs 250. He is rated 3-stars by Scout.com as a defensive end, but can also play tight end. He also has some very clear and impressive plans for his future. Here is what he told us about the offer and his plans for the future.

 Draco Bynum

Congrats on the Duck offer, what coach(s) have you been talking with at Oregon? Who and when did they offer?

I spoke briefly with Coach Taggart, but the offer came from Coach Cristobal.  It came yesterday (Monday, Feb. 6, 2017) night right after my basketball practice!  It was a pleasant surprise to say the least!

How interested in the Ducks are you?

I am still learning more about the school and program; gathering as much information as possible on all the schools that have offered me.

What are some of the major things you want to know about a particular school?

I want to be a doctor so the two most important things to me are will the school prepare me for a career in medicine and is the coaching staff a good fit.

How many offers do you have and are any teams standing out?

I have received three offers so far - UCLA, USC and Oregon.  I know all three are amazing universities both academically and athletically.  Getting an offer from any of them is a huge honor. I was able to make an unofficial visit to UCLA and it was good one. I have not been to USC yet, hopefully this summer. I have been to the University of Oregon campus several times, once for the Hershey's and State Track meets. I also went to Oregon's football camp the summer after they were in the National Championship. (Dad said to mention I was awarded 'most outstanding sophomore tight end'). Other than that, I do not know much about the school and campus. I have had good conversations with Coach Taggart and Coach Cristobal. As far as leaning toward any one school, it is too early. I am trying to keep an open mind, and just learn as much as I can about each school.

Tell dad thanks for mentioning that! That a big honor; do you want to play tight end in college or on the defensive side of the ball?

It was a big surprise. There were a lot guys there! I do not have a preference.  I will play wherever needed. I just want on the field.

Do you have a type of medicine you would like to practice?

I want to be a surgeon.

What got you interested in medicine?

My grandpa is a doctor and my grandma is a nurse.

That is great; Dr. Draco Bynum has a nice ring. Did you grow up in Oregon?

I grew up in Pendleton (Ore.)  My family moved to Wilsonville (Ore.) just before my freshman year.

Do you want to do track in college too? What events do you do?

I have not really thought about doing track in college, probably not. I throw shot and discuss. I used to triple jump too. I may try the 300 hurdles this year.

What your current height and weight?

I am about 6-5, 250.

Enjoyed chatting with you Draco, I can tell that you are a very insightful and intelligent young man.

Thank you so much.


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