WR Tommy Bush is hot property and likes the Ducks a lot.

Talk about a hot property! Tommy Bush, a 4-star wide receiver from Schertz, Texas (Samuel Clemons HS). Living near Randolph AFB, just outside of San Antonio, now holds 19 offers and is a multi-sport athlete as he also runs track. We spoke to Bush after he received an offer from Oregon on Thursday night Feb. 9, 2017) Here is what he had to say.

Tommy Bush

Congrats, on the Duck offer!

TB: Appreciate sir it's big!

What coach(s) offered you, and when?

TB: Coach (David) Gilbertson and it was about 7 or 8 last night (2/9/17).

What do you know about the Ducks program and new staff? What would you like to learn more about?

TB: I know that Coach T (Willie Taggart) came from USF, and had those guys playing at a very high level, the program was all about speed. I liked watching Kenjon Barner and the spread that Chip Kelly and his fast paced offense. I have not been able to study new Coach Taggart offence just yet. Like to know where I would potentially fit in the offence slants, posts, etc.

Is distance a factor for you and your family? Have you been to Oregon before?

TB: I am a military brat; pops is an Air Force Retired, 24 years. I was born in Alaska and lived in Kansas, Florida and Germany for six years, so we are good if the educational system and the program is a good fit for me.

How interested in the Ducks are you?

TB: Very interested, love the Ducks, but have to get to know the staff better and more about living conditions, etc. I have not been to Oregon but hear it's beautiful and top notch facilities hoping to get into The Opening finished second in the Houston Regional, (where) posted the fastest 40 at 4.47.

How many offers do you currently have? Do you have any leaders, any ideas on who will get your five official visits?

TB: Nineteen so far, no leaders, just dating everyone right now, lol. I’ve never been in a position like this, God has opened up the blessings and I don't know what to do but keep working and staying humble. Do not know on the official visits just yet, until we pray and sit down as a family.

What is your current height and weight?

TB: I am 6-5, 187.

Is there a current pro or college player you pattern your game after?

TB: Love Julio Jones and Mike Evans because they are big receivers and Dez Bryant.

Do you do any other sports besides Football?

TB: I run track the 200m 21.73 4x200m and 4x100m. We qualified for 6A Texas State.

Dream profession is you did not play football?

TB: Dream of coaching, but would love to just get my degree and enjoy life.

Thank you for taking the time for an update.

TB: Thank you for your time and interest in me.

My pleasure!

TB: Thanks sir, appreciate it.

Follow up 3/27/17 with Tommy Bush

Hello Tommy, how is recruiting going? Have you talked with the Ducks staff recently?

TB: Yes Sir, everyday Coach Arroyo checks in on me via text or direct message (Laugh out loud). Recruiting is still crazy though.

Have you talked about a visit? Possible date?

TB: Looks like the summer or possible an official. Due to cost my family and I are pushing on getting to all these schools in Texas.

Are you still interested in the Ducks? Do you have any schools that are standing out at this point?

TB: Definitely still interested in the Ducks!! There are some other teams out there that stick out, but no real leaders.

Thanks for the update, have a great week!

TB: You too, thanks!


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