Ducks go to Alabama for 4-star running back.

Asa Martin, a 4-star running back out of Austin HS, Decatur, Ala., received an offer from the Oregon Ducks on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017. spoke with Martin about the offer and his interest in the Ducks

 Asa Martin

Asa congrats on the Ducks offer!

AM: Thank you!!

When did you get the offer? Was it from Running Backs Coach Pimpleton?

AM: About 15 mins ago, no sir it was Coach Woodie.

So how long have the Ducks been recruiting you? What did you and Coach Woodie talk about?

AM: Today was my first time talking to Coach Woodie. He was just telling me how he really liked my film, and said they don’t usually offer a lot of players like that. He thinks I'm a special player.

They must have really liked your film, how interested in the Ducks are you?

AM: I'm really interested it's definitely a place I'm going to try to visit.

Will distance be a factor for you and your family? Have you been to Oregon/West Coast before?

AM: No sir, distance won't ever be a factor. I moved to Florida and went to IMG when I was 15.  I have been to the West Coast before, just haven't been to Oregon yet.

Did Coach Woodie talk specifically how they see you fitting into their offensive style or plan?

AM: No sir, no specific plan.

Where did you move from when you moved Florida?

AM: I moved from Decatur, Alabama, but I recently transferred back for family issues.

Sorry to hear, hope things are better, will you be in Florida or Alabama for you senior year?

AM: Alabama.

Do you play any other sports?

AM: Basketball and baseball.

Sweet, what positions in both sports? What your current height and weight?

AM: 6-0, 193, center field in baseball, and the 2 guard in basketball.

Thanks for your time!

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