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Kayode Oladele has only played football for one season but already has coaches drooling.

Kayode Oladele (pronounced Ka-yo-dey) 6-5, 235 is a defensive end out of Miami Edison Senior HS, in Miami, Fla, has only played football for 10 months, but college coaches are taking a big interest in him and he picked up an offer to Oregon this week.

 Kayode Oladele

Congrats on the Duck offer! Which coach(s) have you been talking with?

KO: Coach Donte (Pimpleton), and thanks.

How interested in the Ducks are you?

KO: I do not really know yet how much they are interested in me.

What did Coach Pimpleton talk with you about?

KO: He said he will make sure they bring me to Oregon (smiles)

Sounds like they are very interested, offer, and want you to visit?

KO: Yeah sure, I would like to visit soon.

How many offers you have do you have any leaders at this point?

KO: I have 16 offer and I do not have any leaders right now. I had leaders last week but not anymore.

Who was your leader last week? What changed?

KO: Tennessee and Wisconsin were my leaders, and it changed because I see more schools have interests in me.

Have you been to Oregon? Is distance a factor for you and your family?

KO: I have never been (to Oregon); distance is not a factor.

Do you think you will use one of your five official visits to Eugene?

KO: Yeah sure, I will love to visit.

What is your current height and weight? Will you be a defensive end in college? What your game like?

KO: I am 6-5, 236, right now. Yes, I am going to be a DE in college.

It seems like Coach Taggart and staff really wants to have a presence in Florida, do you feel that is true?

KO: Yeah I feel that is true.

When you think of the Ducks what do you think first?

KO: I think Oregon is a good school when it comes to sports.

So you had Tennessee and Wisconsin high on your list then you get a bunch of interest and offers that last few days?

KO: Yes, I got lots of offers since last week.

That is sweet, what a good feeling I imagine, Do you play any other sports?

KO: Yes, I do play basketball too; basketball was the sport I was doing before football.

How long have you been playing football?

KO: 10 months in April will make one year.

That is impressive, super curious, why did you start playing? Did you grow up in Florida?

KO: I started playing football because it is a game of men, and I love the contact in it. I did not grow up in Florida; I grew up in Nigeria and moved to Florida in 2015.

Interesting, tell me about you, and your family? What has life been like since moving from Nigeria?

KO: My family is in Nigeria; I live with a guardian down here. Life has been good since I moved down to Florida.

What has been the biggest adjustment? Are there plans to get your family to the States?

KO: Yeah the environment is really different, but I am fine with it. Yes, when I am financially stable, I will bring my family.

Do you have brothers and sisters?

KO: Yes, I have three sisters and two brothers.

I bet they are very proud of you, great job, keep working hard! Can you tell me your dream profession?

KO: Yes, I want to be a professional football player. After my football career, I would like to go into acting.

Who are your favorite music artist?

KO: I would pick Adele.

Help me to pronounce your first name correct; is it Kay-O-De?

KO: It's like this Ka for Car, yo for your, and de for they, Like car your they, is how you pronounce it.


KO: Yeah you can pronounce it like that too.

Thanks for the help, have a great night, great chatting with you!

KO: You are welcome sir.

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