Raymond Woodie III is thinking coaching could be in his ultimate future.

Raymond Woodie III is the son of a coach (Raymond Woodie, Jr.) and is close friends with a coach's son. So it is probably natural that he would have aspiration to eventually enter the coaching ranks. We spoke with the son of Oregon's special team coach and he had some very interesting things to say.

 Raymond Woodie III

How is recruiting going, how many offers do you hold, which school is the latest to offer?

RWIII: Recruiting is going really good, I have nine offers so far with the one from Duke as my latest.

Congrats, any Pac-12 schools talking with you?

RWIII: Thanks, I appreciate it. Yes, USC offered.

Did you recently transfer high schools?

RWIII: Yes, after Christmas break is when I started at Wiregrass.

How has that gone?

RWIII: Really good, I'm doing track right now and lifting I've already gained 10 pounds since coming over.

Nice, what is your current height and weight? What events in track do you do?

RWIII: 6-1.5, 182, this year I am doing the 100, 4X100 and 200.

What plans if any do you have for the spring/summer in regards to football, any camps or spring games you will take in?

RWIII: I am going to the Under Armor camp in Orlando on the 26th, and I have not decided on which spring games I will be going to yet. I am going to talk to my coach and figure it all out.

Sounds like you will be busy. Your father is the new Special Teams Coach at Oregon (  Raymond Woodie Jr.) how does he like Eugene?

RWIII: He likes it a lot; he is excited for this upcoming season.

Very cool, what kind of advice does he give you about recruiting? Have you lived most of your life in Florida?

RWIII: He says to just be patient, and not to rush anything and focus on getting good grades; doing something on the field and everything else will come. I was born in Bradenton, Fla. and moved to Kentucky when my dad and Coach T (Taggart) went to WKU. Then moved back home when they both went to USF.

Good advice, do you have interest in Oregon as a program? Will you move out to Eugene for high school?

RWIII:  Yes, it was my dream school growing up. I always stayed up to watch their games growing up. As of now, I am not sure, going to see how spring goes, and my dad is going to decide whether I stay or go up there.

Are you close with Coach Taggart's  son, Willie Taggart Jr.?

RWIII: Yea, he and I are close.

What is it about the program that caught your interest as a young kid?

RWIII: The uniforms, and how fast they played, they changed how college football was played.

In regards to your dad and recruiting, or growing up around the Taggart family,  It must be an interesting dynamic; does he have to wear two hats with you, one as a dad, and one as a Duck coach? How do you guys approach this?

RWIII: He knows I want to pursue football so he is really hard on me probably just as hard as or even harder than he is on his players sometimes. He tries to give me all the knowledge and resources I need to be successful in what I want to do.

I get it, I coach my son youth football team, and it's hard as a father at times, I am on my son sometimes too hard, my wife (his mom) lets me know about it too (laughing).

RWIII: I feel you (laughs) my mom is the same way.

What do you like to do to relax or have fun away from football? If you did not play football, what would your dream profession be?

RWIII: Usually play video games, and probably an applets trainer or coach.

It has been nice chatting with you, thanks for the time, have a great day!

RWIII: I appreciate it; hopefully we will be talking again soon!


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