Oregon wins 79-61

Center Jordan Bell and guard Payton Pritchard took the podium after Oregon's 79-61 win over Utah.

 Jordan Bell, Junior Forward
On if he feels more comfortable offensively:
"I'm starting to see when teams take stuff away, I just go to other stuff I have been working on. The first half of the season they let me go right-hand jump hook, so I'm not going to tell you what I'm doing now, but I'm starting to go to other moves when they take that away. I'm actually asking for the ball now, being more confident. Having to run this offense for three years now, I know exactly where spots are, where people are going to be on defense and offense, so it just comes more easily now."

On how this compares to previous Oregon teams and the potential that this team has moving forward:
"We just continue to get better this year. Earlier this year we has some slip-ups, obviously, so just focusing, getting better every single practice, every single game. I think we still have a chance to be really really good and to grow. We've just got to continue to get better and work and make each other better."

On the last Colorado game:
"It's on our minds a lot. We went out there and we didn't play our best basketball, they out-toughed us and out-hustled us. Obviously, we don't want to end our last home game on a loss. We're just going to try to bring it all for the last game."
On if they are setting their sights on the end of the season:
"I think every month we have gotten better and better. I think we are a totally different team than when we played in Maui and at Baylor. I think if we played those teams again we would win; I think we are consistently making steps."
 Payton Pritchard, Freshman Guard
On their defense early:
"I think our team is a great defensive team, and if we pick it up at the beginning, then that gets everything else going. Defense is how you win championships, everyone knows that."

On if they are playing their best basketball of the season:
"Yeah. I think it's difficult for teams to play us because they don't know who is going to go off each game, so they can't really make a game plan against just one player. It makes everything else easier for us."

On the experience of playing at home:
"I think everyone likes playing at home. We just like playing basketball, but playing at home helps with the crowd and everything. Looking forward to playing our last game at home and hopefully we can get the win."

On facing Colorado again:
"We just have to start early, rebound and can't give them open threes. Last game we gave them open threes, and they hit them and then they got them flowing and their energy went out the roof. You can't give any team open threes, it's just going to be difficult to overcome that."

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