Several state of Oregon players in

Oregon held a Junior Day for several state of Oregon players. We spoke to Braden Lenzy, Teagan Quitoriano, Marco Brewer and Dawson Quitoriano about the event. They mentioned several other players and we are attempting to verify who else may have been in attendance. Here is what the three had to say.

Recap of Ducks Junior Day, feedback from local talent in attendance.

Braden Lenzy

You have a good time in Eugene?

BL: “Yea it was cool being down. The coaches are great; they have brought a lot of energy back to Oregon.”

Any specific coach you spent time with? What did he talk with you about?

BL: “I walked around mostly with (Keith) Heyward, but when we went to position meetings was with the new wide receiver coach.”

What was Coach Marcus Arroyo like?

BL: “He was cool but didn't talk with him much.”

Congrats on winning #iLLSPEED (IllSPEED Competition presented by UnderArmor) you let Chase (Cota) have it; did you connect with any players and either camp?

BL: “Thanks (laughs!) Yes it was a lot of fun competing with the boys from Cali”.

Teagan Quitoriano

How was Eugene? Any highlights stand out?

TQ: “It was great! A highlight for me was how great the facilities were. I knew they were great, but I was honestly amazed of what I saw. Coach said they were the best in the country, and I have a hard time not believing him after what I saw.”

Marco Brewer

How was Junior Day? Did you get to talk with Coach ( Mario) Cristobal?

MB: “Yes I got to talk to him, I'm super glad I got to. He did not coach us but talked through some film and I have never listened to such a smart and good coach. He was going fast about something I did not know, but he made it easy to understand as well.”

Can you give me a rough outline of what the day was like?

MB: “We started the day introducing each other and meeting all the coaches while we ate. Then we put some jerseys on and toured everything. They have the best facilities in the country it was super impressive how much money is put into that program. They really keep their players in safe hands. We then ate lunch and I had to go then to catch a flight, but they took the rest to watch the basketball game. It was a great experience.”

What a great weekend for the State of Oregon! Did you know any of those guys before?

MB: “Yes I've known Dawson for a while, we workout together with our trainer Alex Linnenkohl.  Braden (Lenzy) I have known of, but we had never met really. Elijah Winston and I have played before in basketball. Chase Cota I knew of just hadn’t ever met before.”

Dawson Jaramillo

Did you have fun in Eugene? What Coaches did you get to talk with?

DJ: “Yes it was great, good to get to know Coach Cristobal better. He talked about his coaching philosophy and what he looks for in players. Coach ( Willie) Taggert said something that stood out to me he said, “you can have all the fancy gear and what not, but if you don't have good people to coach you and mentor you it's all useless.”

That is great; did you get to meet any other players? I talked with Marco (Brewer) said you guys had a good time, and then hit SoCal for a camp.

DJ. “Yes, him and I we're throwing some of the LA boys around!”

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