Wide Receiver DeMarcus Griffin could be a top player for the 2019 class

While he is entering his junior year of high school next fall, DeMarcus Griffin 5-9, 169, 4.52, Washington Union HS, Fresno, Calif., has already drawn a lot of interest from programs around the country. We spoke with him and found out he has a strong interest in Oregon fueled by a relationship with an Oregon Alum.

 DeMarcus Griffin

How was the 7on7 Pylon Tournament this last weekend?

DG: It was an outstanding weekend, had a great time, and was honored to be voted All-Tourney as a Defensive Back.

Very nice, congratulations. Do you prefer offensive or defense?

DG: That's hard, but I like offensive better. I've been taught a lot of defense stuff so it's hard to say.

Have you had any contact with the Oregon Ducks?

DG: Yes, I believe it was Coach Clark that I meet at the tournament.

What did you guys discuss?

DG: He said I was very fast, asked what grade I was in, my position, my grades, and what team I play for.

How did he leave the conversation with you?

DG: He said that he would speak with me at another time.

How much interest in the Ducks do you have?

DG: High Interest, I would love to hear more from them.

What has caught your interest with the Ducks?

DG: Well my favorite player growing up was De'Anthony Thomas who went there. I train with him a lot so when he was there I was rooting for them.

Nice, do you train with him now? How has he helped you out? How did you meet De’Anthony?

DG: Sometimes, and he helped me on my offensive side with my cuts and when to change gears running the ball. I met him at a youth camp.

Do you play any other sports?

DG: Yes, I do track, to help get me faster.

What your current height and weight, 40-time?

DG: My height is 5-9, 169 and I just ran a laser timed 4.52.

Thank you for the update DeMarcus! 

DG: Thank you sir.


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