Amari Gainer, 3-star OLB

He's called "the Ferrari" at Lawton Chiles High School in Tallahassee, Fla., but on Tuesday night the 2018 prospect, Amari Gainer was called by the Oregon coaching staff and extended an offer.

 Amari Gainer

Congrats on the Ducks offer Amari!

AG: Appreciate it coach.

So when did you get the offer, which Duck coach have you been in contact with?

AG: I got it last night by Coach David Kelly.

What did he discuss with you, had the Ducks been recruiting you for a while, or was the offer a surprise?

AG: The offer was kind of a surprise, I have not talked to them much, but he said he loved the way I played.

What do you know about Oregon, and how interested in the Ducks are you at this point?

AG: I have liked Oregon for a while, and it is just exciting getting an offer from them.

How many offers do you currently hold any leaders? Maybe team(s) you would like to hear more from?

AG: Eighteen (18) offers and no leaders yet.

Wow that great! Do you have a time frame to trim that list? Have you been to the West Coast/Oregon before? How big of a factor will distance be for you and your family?

AG: Not really a big factor, it just depends on what program I fit best into. I plan to trim the list during the summer probably.

You said that you have liked Oregon for a while, is there a specific reason for that?

AG: No sir, I just saw them play with LaMichael James, and all them and liked them since then.

Do you think Oregon will be one of your five official visits?

AG: Yes sir, I will probably visit UCLA and Oregon for sure for officials.

As far as measurable what is your current height/weight, bench, squat and forty numbers if available?

AG: 6-3, 205, 40 is a 4.7 laser and I do not know my maxes.

Great, is it ok to use Amari "The Ferrari" Gainer in the story, love the nickname?

AG: (Laughs) yes sir that’s fine.

What position do you think you will play in college?

AG: Outside linebacker.

Do you play any other sports?

AG: Baseball.

Nice, what position?

AG: Outfield.

Did you grow up in Florida? Do you have any plans for spring/summer in regards to camps or unofficial visits?

AG: I grew up in Florida. I do not have any for sure plans on visiting colleges yet. In regards to camps, I know the Oregon Finals Camp, and hopefully Rivals 5-star.

Final question, pretend you are stuck on an island for one year. You can only have one music artist to listen to, one author to read from, one style of food, and one person, who you picking?

AG: Kodak Black; JK Rowling; Italian; and my mom.

Great picks, thanks for some time, have a great day Amari!

AG: All right, you too.

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