Linebacker Jack Lamb

When your name was picked after Jack Lambert & Jack Ham, the great 70's linebackers for the Pittsburgh Steelers, there is a good chance you’re going to grow playing linebacker yourself. We spoke to Lamb, a 4-star prospect from Great Oaks High School, Temecula, Calif., and found out he has a connection to the state of Oregon.

 Jack Lamb

Hello Jack, congrats on Duck offer! Whom have you been talking with at Oregon? When did they offer?

JL: Thank you sir! I talked to Coach Clark on the phone about 20 minutes ago and they offered then.

How much do you know about the Ducks? How much interest in Oregon do you have?

JL: I was actually born in Oregon so I have always been a fan of their team and it would be a great experience to play for them.

Where were you born? Do you still have family in Oregon?

JL: I lived right outside of Portland (West Linn) until I was six. I have a couple friends that live up there still but no family.

What did Coach Clark talk with you about? Had they been recruiting you, or was the offer a surprise?

JL: I had gone to a camp over the summer and talked to Coach Kwame (Agyman) over DMS (direct messaging) briefly, but other than that I had no idea about the offer. Coach Clark also mentioned that he wanted to get me up to campus again to work out, and meet all the coaches.

How many offers do you currently have? Any leaders at this time; do you have spring/summer plans in regards to camps/visits set up?

JL: I have eight (8) offers so far, and I plan to take a couple visits, but I am not sure to where or when. I want to see what options I have, and decide from there. I would not say I have a top choice as of right now.

As far as measurable, what your current height/weight/bench/squat/forty time?

JL: 6-4, 215 pounds; I bench: 250 (pounds); squat: 375 and forty: 4.65.

Do you see yourself playing defensive end or linebacker in college?

JL: Wherever they put me, I will play. Personally, I see myself as a linebacker.

How long have you been playing football? Do you play other sports?

JL: Since I was eight and only football.

Final question, if you could not play pro football, what would your dream profession be?

JL: To be a coach. They say football does not last forever, but I will try to make it last as long as I can.

On a side note, you’re probable too young to remember, but back in the 70's there was a great linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers named Jack Ham, I can't help but think of him when doing this Q&A.

JL: (Laughs) he and Jack Lambert are actually who I am named after.

That is awesome, your parents are great!

JL: They are (laughing) my dad’s name is Daniel; he named me Jack so our names combined makes Jack Daniels (laughs).

Thanks again for your time, have a great day!

JL: Thank you very much I hope you have a nice day as well! Top Stories