Dennis Briggs II a 3-star DE

Kissimmee, Fla., is the home of Dennis Briggs II, a student at Gateway High School. On Tuesday night (Feb. 28) he received an offer from Oregon. See what the 3-star defensive end thinks of the offer and his recruitment in general.

 Dennis Briggs II 

Congrats on the Ducks offer!

DBII: Thank you!

When did you get the offer, which coach have you been in contact with?

DBII: Last night and Coach Salave’a.

What did he have to say, have the Ducks been talking with you for a while, or was the offer a surprise?

DBII: That Oregon is very interested in me, but really that he wanted to get to know me better as a person, and player.  They have been talking with me, but it was on and off.  Coach Kelly hit me up first, but then I started talking to Coach Salave'a a couple days ago. But it was a surprise.

What interest you about the Ducks? What would you like to learn more about?

DBII: Their athletics and I would like to look into their academics. I want to learn more about their academics and just the school in general.

What your current height and weight other measurable?

DBII: 6-4, 255 lbs., 300 Bench, 450 Squat (but I haven't maxed out in a while because I have a tear in my meniscus), 5.1 forty.

Do you think the Ducks will get one of your five official visits? Have you been to Oregon before? How big a factor is distance for you and your family?

DBII: Most definitely, always wanted to visit there. I have never visited the State.  Distance isn't really a problem with my family.

What college or pro player game do you like?

DBII: Oh that's hard, but this past year I would have to say Jonathan Allen from Alabama, and pro players I have too many (laughs).

This Ducks staff going after a bunch of Florida players it seems, what your opinion, will the staff be able to create a connection between Oregon/Florida pipeline?

DBII: I think they will because opens more doors for their program, and for the Florida recruits.

Very interesting, do you play any other sports?

DBII: Yes sir, I play basketball and track & field.

Is your basketball season over? What do you want to work on over the summer to improve your football game?

DBII: Yeah it was over three weeks ago.  I want to work on my technique, hand to hand combat, footwork and lower body strength.

How is your knee healing up, when did you tear the meniscus?

DBII: It happened two weeks before the season, and it basically is close to 100%. Because before I felt a little slow coming out my stance, but these last two camps I've been coming out strong, quick and fast.

Great to hear; final questions, you're stuck on an island for one year, pick the one music artist you can listen to, one author to read from, one comedian to entertain you, one style of food to eat from,  and one person to  be with?

DBII: Future; Anthony Horowitz; Kevin Hart; Cajun food; and my brother.

Great list, thanks for your time and have a great night!

DBII: No problem, same to you.

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