3-star OT M.J. Ale

He was doing his homework and was surprised to receive a call from Oregon Co-offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach Mario Cristolbal. He was also surprised and pleased with the call. Read on why M.J. Ale, an offensive tackle from Fife High School in Fife, Washington, just south of Tacoma, had to say about phone call and his interest in the Oregon Ducks.

 M.J. Ale

Congrats on the Ducks offer, which coach have you been talking with, when did they offer?

M.J.: I received the offer from Coach Mario) Cristobal last night by surprise while doing homework late last night.

Was that the first time you had heard from the Ducks?  Did Coach Cristobal see you at a camp or film? How much interest in Oregon do you have?

M.J.: Yes, this was the first time I heard from the Ducks. Coach Cristobal saw my film. I am very interested in Oregon.

What do you know about Oregon, or has your interest? What would you like to learn more about the program?

M.J.: I know that Coach Cristobal is a former Alabama Offensive Line Coach and one of the best! I had the chance of visiting the campus last year and it was beautiful! I look forward to looking in to what Oregon has to offer academically.

Did you set up a visit? How many offers do you currently have? Any schools you would like to hear from?

M.J.: Have not set up a visit yet, but hopefully sometimes soon. I currently have seven offers.

Do you have any leaders at this point?

M.J.: Right now with the offers I have so far Oregon, UCLA are definitely in my top five.

What your current Height/Weight/Bench/Squat numbers?

M.J.: My current height 6-5.25, weight: 320; Bench: 335 pounds; Squat: 525.

Thank you for your time, and congrats on offer again! 

M.J.: Thank you sir!


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