4-star TE Josh Whyle

Cincinnati, Ohio is the home of Josh Whyle, 6-6, 210, and in the very early hours on Thursday (March 2) the tight end from La Salle High School received an offer from the University of Oregon.

 Josh Whyle

Congratulations on the Ducks offer; which coach have you been talking with, when did they offer?

JW: Coach (Marcus)) Arroyo offered me early today (3/1), around 2:00!

What did he talk with you about, what do you know about Oregon? How much interest in the Ducks do you have?

JW: To be honest with you, I do not know a whole lot about them, besides the way they play offense, very quick and upbeat. I do have interest; my family and I are already trying to find time and money to get out there!

Have you ever been to Oregon or the West Coast before, is the idea of moving away from Ohio okay with you and your family for college?

JW: I have never been out there but I have only heard good things! All my family and I want is a place that I fit in at, and is like a second home to me. So if that is what Oregon offers then I do not see why not.

What is your current Height/Weight/Bench/Squat/40 time?

JW: 6-6, 210, I am not sure about bench and squat because I am just starting to lift again. I would say my bench is 235 and squat is around 350. My 40 time last year was 4.77.

Do you play any other sports? What do you do to relax away from sports?

JW: I am currently still in basketball season and that's why my weight is so low; mostly just school and sport right now.

Did Coach Arroyo say how he found out about you?

JW: No. He actually did not mention that, I am guessing he heard about me after my Auburn offer because that is when they followed me.

How many offers do you have and any leaders at this point?

JW: I have 18 offers, West Virginia offered this morning. As of right now no leaders. I am not too worried about how big a school is. I just want to visit all of these schools to see how I would fit in. After I visit a couple more schools, then I will have a better idea.

What weight do you like to play at in Football?

JW: Last year my highest weight was 220, but for this season, I would like to get up to 225-230, and keep it throughout the season.

Thanks for your time Josh, and again congrats!


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