Lavonte Valentine

Lavonte Valentine runs track and is a football player.

A major star on the horizon is Lavonte Valentine. Not just because the speedster from Melbourne Central Catholic High School in Melbourne, Fla., runs a 4.3 forty (which he does) or a 10.44, 100 meters in track (and 6.77 in the 60) but also because his favorite teacher was his 10th grade biology teacher, and he wants to be a doctor someday; not to mention he also tutors children during his spare time. We spoke to Valentine after he received an offer from Oregon (or as he refers to it, Tracktown U

Lavonte Valentine

Hello LaVonte, did you got an offer today from Oregon?

LV: Yesterday.

Congrats, which coach have you been talking with? Have they been recruiting you for a while?

LV: Running Backs Coach, Coach Pimpleton.

Had he been in contact with you for a while, or was the offer a surprise? How much interest in the Ducks do you have?

LV: I love Oregon! I have always dreamed of running track there, but when I got the football offer, I was astounded.

Have you talked with the Track Coach Robert Johnson too?

LV: Have not talked to the track Coach.

I assume you want to try to do both? What are your events in Track?

LV: I do the 100 and 200. I have the fastest 60m time in the Nation and the fastest 100 time in the nation right now.

Great job, what’s your time in the 60 time & 100?

LV: 60 6.77 and 100 10.44.

What your current height/weight/bench/squat/40 numbers?

LV: 6-2, 190; bench: 250 squat: 375; 40: 4.3.

How long have you been playing football? How many offers do you have?

LV: I was five when I started, playing flag football, I have seven offers,  Florida just offered today, to go along with University of Southern California, Akron, Oregon, Tennessee, Southern Miss, and Kentucky.

Great list, congrats! Have you ever been to Oregon? Will you visit? What do you know about the program? What would like to learn more about?

LV: I am supposed to plan a visit; I know the campus is big, and beautiful. It has a great medical program, which I look forward too.

Which type of Medicine are you interested in? Will distance be a big factor for you and your family?

LV: Kinesiology, which is the study of human body movements. Sports medicine or dentistry.

Nice, you said you always dreamed of running track at Oregon, did you have runners you watched as a kid? Where did that love come from for the program?

LV: The love of football is because all fast running backs came from Oregon, especially De'Anthony Thomas.  The love of track is because it is TRACKTOWNUSA!

Have you talked with guys like De’Anthony or Devon Allen that ran track and played football to get an idea of what that is like?

LV: No I wish I could.

Did Coach Pimpleton talk about how he sees you fitting into the offense at Oregon?

LV: Yes sir, He said we do a lot of passing and give our running backs space to run and , he said with my speed I would be a very important part of the offense and also that I was big he could use that also!

I see that you take school and grades very serious, great job. Do you have favorite subject or teacher you would like to mention?

LV: Mrs. Lierman biology from 10th grade. I want to say to her, I love you and thank you for being here for me. Favorite subject is Math.

Nice, is she on twitter?

LV: Sadly no.

Well you can show here the story once it is up, do you have plans for spring and summer? Any camps?

What do you want to work on, as you get ready for your senior season?

LV: I plan on going to a couple camps. I need to work on more footwork, and playing slot.

Of the schools that have offered, do you have a favorite(s)? Any schools you would like to hear more from?

LV: Oregon, UF, Tennessee, and USC.

What do you do for fun, or to relax away from sports?

LV: I tutor kids in grades K-8.

Great job, you seem like a great young man, your parents I am sure are very proud of you!

LV: Thank you sir!

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