Brady Breeze

Oregon redshirt freshman talks about his freshman year and his cousin Chase Cota

We had a chance to talk with Brady Breeze, the redshirt freshman safety at Oregon about how his first year as a university student has gone and also about his cousin Chase Cota, a wide receiver on the Ducks radar.

 Brady Breeze

Hey Brady, so how school going? You're almost through your freshman year how has it been? What has been the biggest surprise for you?

BB: School is going really well so far. We've got about three weeks left until spring break so I'm getting really close to finals. Freshman year has definitely been a crazy experience with the whole new coaching change. I'd say that had to of been the biggest surprise because it's just something you don't expect.


Yeah, I can't really imagine, being recruited by one staff that is completely gone two months after getting on campus. How is the team including  you adjusting to the new staff?

BB: Definitely a shocker to all of us at first. Once they hired the new staff and we got to meet all the new coaches, it relieved some stress for us. I'm really excited about this new staff because they just have lots of energy and passion for the game. I can't wait to see what our defense is going to be like under Leavitt this upcoming season.


In regards to school work, what type of class load do you take during the season vs. off season? What your toughest class? Is the work harder or easier than you expected coming out of high school?

BB: Honestly my workloads have been somewhat similar so far, but I guess my in season schedule may have been harder since I took a physics of music and sound class which required a ton of work throughout the week. College is kind of what I expected in terms of difficulty but I was glad I got good college preparation from my high school.


That great that Central Catholic helped prepare you for college. What position does Coach Leavitt have you playing?

BB: Yes, they did a really good job of imitating a college setting when we would take our finals and midterms. Coach Leavitt wants me to play more of a strong safety type position.

So Coach (Keith) Heyward works with the safeties, and Coach (Charles) Clark with the corners? How different is that with two coaches verse just Coach Neal coaching all the defensive backs last year?

BB: Yes, Coach Heyward is strictly safeties. It's not too bad since they both do a good job of sharing info to all of us. Kwame Agyeman was Neal's assistant last year so having two coaches help out with meetings isn't anything new to us.


Interesting article just came out in the Oregonian; did you happen to read it? Thought it was interesting, there is part about breaking up into different accountability groups, can you tell me a little about that?

BB: I haven't been able to read that yet, but I did hear lots about it. We have groups specified by coaches and in each group there are players from all positions. I happen to be with my own position coach, Coach Heyward. With these groups we'll have competitions against each other and it's just kind of a way for the team to come together, and make connections with guys you normally don't see that often when you're always split up in position meetings as offense and defense.

 (The Oregonian: What Willie Taggart wants from the Oregon Ducks: 'We've got to learn to like each other')

Sounds like a really good idea, can you tell me one type of competition they have you do?

BB: We'll do tug of war or agility races.


I am a little older then your Uncle (Chad Cota), man loved watching him play, when you were going through the recruiting process did you ask him for advice? Did your father play? When you committed, if you had not picked the Ducks, who would have been your second choice?

BB: He was one heck of a player! I've watched just about every video of him that I could find on the internet haha. Occasionally we would be in his hot tub, and his son Chase and I would all talk about defensive schemes versus certain offensive sets. It's always cool to hear some of the experiences he had as an Oregon player. My dad actually played football at Arizona State as a slot receiver, and kick returner until he blew out his knee in a game. He then transferred to Southern Oregon, and finished his career down there. My dad is the one I usually sit down with and talk football with since he played so many different positions. Oregon was always my dream school so I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else, but I guess if I had to of gone anywhere else it would've been ASU because of my dad, and I also always liked UCLA. 

Very nice, No. 7 (Chad Cota) was tough, have you ever talked with him about the ‘95 Rose Bowl with Penn State, It was the greatest Duck game I had ever been to at that time. I will never forget the first play, PSU Ki-Jana Carter ripped off an 80 yard run straight at me for a TD on the first play, the hole was huge; can you ask him about that (laughs). Did you take all five official visits? Your cousin is going through the process, Chase (Cota), has he asked for any advice?

BB: We've talked a little bit about it; he thought the game should have ended up a little differently because they worked so hard all year. I only took a visit to Oregon. I was committed since the summer going into my junior year, and i thought since I was committed that I should be loyal and just take the visit to my school and so I did. Chase and I have talked a little bit about it. He asked what I think about other schools, and I just told him that this is his decision and he needs to choose what's best for him, and I'll support him 100 percent, but to keep in mind if he goes to another school he's going to have to play against his older cousin which means he shouldn't come across the middle (laughs).


What is the funniest, or strangest thing a coach said to you during your recruitment, or did you shut it down so early didn’t really talk with other teams?

BB: I remember one particular coach, I don't want to say his name, but anyways he told me how they were rebuilding the program and he was getting his team ready to play in a rose bowl in a few years, and how they were going to be back at the top of the Pac-12 in no time... He got fired a week later.


Ouch. What do you like to do away from Football/School for fun or to relax?

BB: I usually go wake boarding or surfing. That’s kind of my getaway. We've got a bunch of wetsuits at our house and we'll go out in the water no matter how cold it is. We actually went out wake surfing last weekend even though it was about 45 degrees in Lake Oswego.


Final question, be carefully with this one (laugh). Teammates question, who is the funniest, who thinks they are best singer or dance, who actually is, who the last guy on your team you want to meet in a dark alley, who is the best student, who’s the best at Madden Gamer, who keeps the cleanest house/dorm, which house/dorm are you afraid to step foot in?

BB: Bryson Young might be the funniest guy I know because he just has quiet humor and is always having a good time. Jordon Scott, our early enrollee is my roommate, and he might be the best gamer on the team. We have upperclassmen on the team that will come over and think they can beat him, and he'll put up like 50 on them in Madden.


Thanks a lot for your time, really appreciate it! have a great weekend Brady!

BB: Anytime! God Bless!

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