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As a youngster, he cried when Oregon lost to Auburn in the BCS Championship game a few years ago, and now as a 2019 football players, D'Sean Perry, 6-4, 200, Gulliver Preparatory School in Miami, Fla., wants to hear from his childhood dream school -- Oregon.

 D'Sean Perry

So how is recruiting going, how many offers do you have, who was the last to offer?
DP: Recruiting has been well u know the lord has blessed me with early offers in the spring of my freshman year and I hope he blesses me with more. Currently I have four offers from Syracuse, FAU, Temple, and Bowling Green. Temple and FAU were the last to offer because they both offered on the same day.

That is great! Do you have any plans for spring/summer in regards to camps or possible unofficial visits?
DP: No sir, I don't have anything planned regarding unofficial visits, but I will attend more camps in the spring summer period.

Do you play any other sports? As far as measurables, what is your current height/weight/bench/squat/ and forty time?

DP: I play basketball, and I run track. My current height is 6-4, I weigh 200 pounds, and my max bench is 280, my max squat is 545, and I run a 4.8.

I see you take academics seriously; do you have a favorite subject? A teacher you would like to mention that has helped you?
DP: My favorite subject is science and all of my teachers and counselors have felt me tremendously and I give a lot of credit to them.

That's great! Keep up the good work. Do you like DE or TE better? What position are teams recruiting you at?
DP: I like DE (defensive end) better, but TE (tight end) is still a fun position to play, I've mostly been recruited as a DE.

Is there any school(s) you would like to hear more from?
DP: You know I would be blessed if any schools take the time out to look at my film and recruit me. As you know Oregon is my dream school, but I would like to hear from my other favorite as well, such as Florida State, Florida, TCU, Houston, Miami, Ohio State, Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas. Those are just schools off the top of my head that I would like to hear from.

What is it about Oregon that has your interest? Or what makes you call them a "Dream Offer"?

DP: Ever since I was a little kid I always dreamed of playing in Eugene, and put on one of 100 uniform combinations. I also loved the facilities that the team works out in. Dion Jordan was one of the defensive ends that I looked up to growing up.

Have you ever visited Eugene/West Coast before? Will distance be a factor for you and your family when picking a school?
DP: Honestly I haven't been outside the state of Florida, and it would very nice to travel to the West Coast. I don't think distance will be a factor for my college decision, the most important factor for my decision is a coach that supports me, and helps me get through college correctly, and puts me in the mix of playing time early on.

Great, thanks. Final question pretend you're stuck on a island for 1 year, you can only have one music artist to listen to, one author to read from, one comedian to entertain you, one style of food, and one person to be with, who you picking?

DP: If I were stuck on an island I'd probably only listen to J.Cole because it will keep me sane on that island. One author would be Neal Shusterman, he's the author of the book "Unwind," this was a book I read my freshman year in literature class and I really enjoyed the book. One comedian I'd pick would have to Keegan Michael Key because he's really good at Improv and will be able to make up new things on the spot. And finally, one person I'd bring on the island is my mother because she's very resourceful and would know how to make a pile of leaves into anything we need Also, she's my mother I can't imagine anyone else who could fill that spot.


Great stuff and thank you for your time!

DP: Okay, thank you sir and Go Ducks! 

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