Cole Turner

Athlete Cole Turner

Cole Turner, from Clackamas HS, is a two-sport athlete that would like to concentrate on football in college. He has has been talking to the Oregon coaches and has a very busy spring and summer schedule lined up.

 Cole Turner


Have any contact with the Ducks staff?

CT: Yeah I have, mostly Coach Noyer.


What are those conversations like, what is he telling you?

CT: Mostly about what days I would be able to come out to the campus and he told me they think very highly of me and are excited about me. Coach Taggart has had a conversation with my head coach about me too.


That is great, have you had any schools offer you yet?

CT: No, hoping to get my first one soon.


Did you happen to attend junior day in Eugene last month?

CT: No. I was invited but I could not attend.


Do you want to play basketball and football in college?

CT: No, just football!

 What your current measurable? Height/Weight/Bench/Squat/Forty times?

CT: 6-6, 200; Bench 230; Squat 340. My best 40 time to date is the one I ran at PSU camp, and it was a 4.64.

What other teams are talking with you?

CT: Oregon State, Boise State, Montana State, Columbia, Yale, University of Washington.

 Good list, you clearly must take your studies very serious, great job! Do you have any camps/visits coming up with schools this spring and summer?

CT: Thanks! School always comes first! I’m visiting OSU on 18th this month, Columbia 28th, then in April Boise State on their spring game and U of O hopefully late April. Camp-wise I’ll be at May Madness up in Seattle on May 13th and The Opening Regional down in Oakland on 21st!


Very busy time! What area do you want to work on over the summer heading into your senior year?

CT: Yeah cannot wait! Definitely my speed. I want to get my 40 down to in the 4.5 and get stronger of course too.


What do you like to do away from the field for fun or to relax?

CT: I like to bowl, watch movies and play chess!


Thanks for your time

CT: Thank you, anytime!


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