3-star WR Michael Ezeike

He's only been playing football since his freshman year of high school, but WR Michael Ezeike,6-5, 210, Colony HS,Ontario, Calif., is making an impression on lots of people. He hasn't heard from Oregon yet, but Ezeike, calls the Ducks a great school, and definitely would like to hear from them.

 Michael Ezeike 

Have you had any contact with Oregon?

ME: No sir, I haven't yet.

How is recruiting going for you in general? Who was the most recent to offer, how many offers do you have?

ME: Colorado offered me today (3/15/17), UCLA offered me yesterday. I currently have eight offers. 

Do you have any interest in Oregon? Would you like to hear from them?

ME: I definitely would! Oregon is a great school! 

What interest you about the Ducks?

ME: Very nice campus, I like the way there offense is set up, no huddle fast, and effective. 

How long have you been playing football?

ME: I have been playing for three years, since my freshman year. 

Have you visited Oregon before?

ME: Yes, I've been there once with my sister when I was little. 

You used to play soccer, and originally from Nigeria? Can you give me a little background information on what got you interested in football and when you moved to the States?

ME: I came from Nigeria when I was five years old and didn't even know what the American way to play football was, but as soon as I laid my eyes on the sport I fell in love with it; the hitting and the catching. My mom never wanted to pay for me to play Pop Warner so I had to wait until I was in high school to play for free. I turned out to be pretty good, but got injured my freshman year and had to sit out my whole sophomore year. I didn't miss a game my junior year, and ever since then I've been getting attention from college programs. 

That is great! What has been the toughest part of the game for you to learn, what will you really focus on to improve as you move into your senior year?

ME: I honestly feel like I have tried my best to know everything there is about the game; all the rules, the routes, etc. 

Sounds like you have picked it up fast, and doing a great job! How did playing soccer help you?

ME: Footwork helped me a lot, and the conditioning of always running. 

Do you play any other sports? What your current Height/Weight/Bench/Squat/40 numbers?

ME: Just football. 6-5, 210; 4.7 in the 40; squat is 325 and bench is 235. 

Do you have any camps or visits coming up?

ME: I don't know what camps I'll be going to yet, but I will be visiting, Washington, Oregon State, Fresno State, Arizona, and Arizona State. 

Will distance be a factor for you and your family when picking a school?

ME: It won’t, me and my family want to pick the school that we feel will be a good school for me for the next three or four years football-wise and educationally. 

What your dream profession if you didn't play football?

ME: Always wanted to be a doctor. 

Nice. Any particular type of medicine you’d like to practice?

ME: I don't know yet. 

You have plenty of time to figure that out. Is there a school standing out for you at this time? Do you think you will take all five of your official visits?

ME: Every school is a stand out for me, I’m blessed to have options, and I would like to hear from any school. I am just enjoying the process, and I will definitely take all five officials. 

Great, enjoy it! What do you like to do to relax or have fun?

ME: Watch movies or play PS4 occasionally with some friends. 

What games do you play? Madden help you learn football lol?

ME: Madden mostly, and it does, it's like seeing through the eyes of a quarterback and knowing how to read defenses; sometimes NBA 2K. 

Thank you for your time Michael.

ME: You're welcome sir.


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