Andrew Johnson

DE Andrew Johnson

A player that is emerging from Tifton, Georgia is DE Andrew Johnson at Tift County High School. Johnson was offered a football scholarship by Oregon and we spoke to him about the offer and his recruitment.

 Andrew Johnson 

Congrats on Duck offer, which coach extended you the offer? Was it a surprise or had you been hearing from them for a while?

AJ: Coach Leavitt and I been hearing from him for a while. 

Have you been to the West Coast/Oregon before? Will distance when picking a school?

AJ: No sir, never have been, and distance will not be a problem. 

Are you excited about the Duck offer, how much do you know about the program?

AJ: Yes sir, they been my favorite team since I was a little kid. 

What was it about the Ducks that had your attention?

AJ: There attitude when they come on the field, and when they play, what they bring to the table. 

What your current height and weight?

AJ: 6-2, 230. 

Do you think your will play standup OLB (Outside Linebacker) or put fingers to the ground DE (Defensive End) in college?

AJ: It doesn’t really matter to me, I'm just ready to compete, and bring my best. 

What would you like to work on over summer as you get ready for you senior year?

AJ: I want to work on all my technique, and be able to bring everything I got to the table. 

Do you play other sports?

Yes sir, I play basketball we just won the state championship, and I run track. 

Congrats on the state championship! 

Final question; Stuck on an island for one year, pick the one music artist you can listen to, one one author to read from, one comedian to entertain you, one style of food, and one person to spend the year with?

AJ: Ray Lewis. 

So No. 52 (Ray Lewis) covers it all?

AJ: And Kevin Hart. 

That would be a fun island!

AJ: Yes sir it would be! 

Thanks Andrew.

AJ: You're welcome.

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