TE Jacob Warren

TE Jacob Warren, Farragut High School, Knoxville, Tenn., is becoming a national recruit and last Sunday, the Oregon Ducks extended him an offer. Here is what he had to say.

 Jacob Warren 

Congrats on the Ducks offer, when did they offer, which coach have you been talking with?

JW: They offered Sunday (3/12/17), I've been talking to Coach Arroyo. 

How much interest in the Ducks do you have?

JW: I am really interested in Oregon, very interested in visiting. 

Have you been to the West Coast/Oregon before?

JW: No sir, I don't think I've ever been farther West than Texas. 

Have you lived your whole life in Tennessee?

JW: I was born in Texas, but I moved to Tennessee when I was one. 

How much of a factor will distance be for you and your family when picking a school?

JW: I'm not going to let distance keep me from going where I need to go, if the school I need to be at is far away then it won't matter. 

How many offers do you have? Which was the most recent team to offer?

JW: Dartmouth was the most recent, and I have 16. 

Nice, you must take academics very serious, great job!

JW: Yes sir, thank you, I appreciate when people notice that school is as important as football for me. 

What your current Height/Weight/Bench/Squat/Forty numbers?

JW: 6-5.5, 216, 230 bench, 285 squat, 4.72 forty. 

If you didn't play football, what would be your dream profession?

JW: If I didn't play football I would probably want to be a kinesiologist or a forensic scientist. 

What has your interest in the Ducks? What would you like to learn more about?

JW: I am interested in the tradition of the place, and the quality of their program, their coaches are really cool too. I'm interested in learning about their academic programs and what they have to offer academic wise. 

Pretend you're stuck on a island for one year, pick the one music artist you can listen to; one author to read from; one comedian to entertain you; one style of food to eat and one person to spend the year with?

JW: Hmm, if I was on an island I would listen to Chance the rapper, probably Kevin Hart, Hibachi steak, and I'd spend it all with my momma. 

Thanks for your time.

JW: Yes sir.


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