Spencer Webb (Brandon Huffman)

Tight End from Sacramento

Three-star tight end Spencer Webb, Christian Brothers High School, Sacramento, Calif., recently visited Oregon unofficially. Here is what had to say about his trip.

Congrats on the Ducks offer, when did you pick it up?

SW: This morning, we talked for a bit last night. I have been talking with Coach Gilbertson and Arroyo. They wanted to get to know me better, and explain what the mindset and goals are for Oregon moving forward.

Can you share some of those goals or the mindset the new staff is taking at Oregon?

SW: Get Oregon back to a contender, and bring home a National Championship.

Did they talk about how you fit into their plans, how much interest in the Ducks do you have?

SW: They liked my film a lot. They talked with me about how they use their tight ends when I visited. I liked the school a lot. I feel I fit the system. I like the mindset of the coaches.

Has Coach Gilbertson and Arroyo been recruiting you for a while or was the offer a surprise?

SW: They did not know a ton before I came to visit, but when they saw me in person they were all in.

When did you visit?

SW Two weeks ago, 3/18/17.

Had you been to Eugene before that?

SW: No, first time. I did not get the entire experience, but we did stay there. I like what I saw of the town.

The Ducks did not take a tight end in the 2017 class, does that factor in at all for you when looking at them? How many offers do you have? Any schools standing out at this point?

SW: I know I am going to have to compete at any school. It's relevant, but not huge factor. This is my 14 offer. At this point, I am going through the process with each school. I received my second offer a month ago, so I have lot of things to consider.

You have some impressive schools that have offered, you clearly take academics very serious, great job! What is your favorite subject, and if you did not play sports do you have a dream profession?

SW: Thank you. I know student comes before athlete. My school, Christian Brothers, has prepared me well. I would like to open a training facility for the kids to help them with their dreams of playing sports in college.

That is great! What your current height/weight? What are some things you would like to work on over the summer heading into your senior season? What is the strengths you bring to the football field?

SW: 6- 6, 234. I want to work on it all, speed, diet, blocking, routes etc. I am a match up nightmare, combo of size; speed with my hands hard to stop.

Do you play other sports?

SW: Basketball, but took this season off to focus on football.

Of your offers, do you have any schools you are confident with get one of your five officials visits?

SW: I will talk with the family about officials. As of now, too far out.

What do you like to do for fun or to relax?

SW: Love to fish!

Thanks for your time and update.


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