3-Star OL Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson is a very large human being. Standing 6-7 and weighing 345 pounds, he command respect. He was offered by Oregon on Tuesday and the 3-star offensive lineman from Inhotep Charter High School in Philadelphia is drawing lots of attention -- particularly since he just started playing football two years ago.

Justin Johnson

Congrats on Ducks offer, when did you get the offer?

JJ: Thanks! Today (3/28/17) around 9:00 pm., Coach Cristobal and I talked for about 20 minutes. 

Have the Duck been recruiting you for a while or was the offer a surprise? What did you and Coach Cristobal discuss?

JJ: It was a surprise, he was out at dinner with his family, and we just talked about him as a coach, and him following my development as a recruit for the last two years.

Did he recruit you while he was at Alabama?

JJ: No, we did not communicate while he was at Alabama.


How much interest in the Ducks do you have?

JJ: I have a mutual amount of interest, as I do with the other (8) schools that have offered me.

Did you grow up in Philly? How big of a factor will distance be for you and your family when picking a school? Have you been to Oregon/West Coast before?

JJ:  Yes, I have grown up in Philadelphia my whole life. Distance is not a big factor in my decision. No, I have not been to Oregon; I have been to Montana before though.

What your current height/weight/bench/squat?

JJ: I am 6-7, 364; I am not sure on the bench and squat numbers.

Would you consider using one of your five official visits to Eugene to check out the Ducks?

JJ: Yes.

Do you play any other sports?

JJ: No.

You HUDL video is impressive, that some serious pancaking going on, what do you want to work on over the summer to get ready for your senior season?

JJ: Thanks appreciate it! Also, with this past season being my second year of playing football in my life, I feel as though I just want to develop in every single aspects of being an offensive lineman. From hand placement, to footwork, and pass setting, I can never stopped being developed. I have been doing yoga and jujitsu to help with some football aspects.

You have only played two years. Wow! Why did you decide to start playing?

JJ: When I was told, I could be able to use my God given talent to go to college for free, I knew I had to take advantage of that opportunity.

Who was instrumental in getting you to try football?

JJ: Coach Al Crosby, my former head coach who took us to the state championship my sophomore season and we won.

Did you transfer schools, or did Coach Crosby move to a new school?

JJ: No. Coach Crosby resigned.

Did you know much about football before you started playing as a sophomore season?

JJ: No, I did not know much about football. It was my first year ever playing. I did not know anything about the game.

What do you do for fun or relaxation?

JJ: I just do yoga and my jujitsu. That is going help me develop; while I can have fun and relax while doing so.

Thanks for your time and update.

JJ: No problem.


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