Wide Receiver Anthony Schwartz

We followed up with 4-star WR Anthony Schwartz as he has been running track and has trimmed his recruiting list down to a top 10 for football. Here is what he had to say.

Anthony Schwartz

Afternoon Anthony, hope all is well. Congrats on 10.15, 100M., man that is flying!

AS: Thank you.

How is recruiting going, I see you trimmed your list down, are you still interested in visiting Oregon?

AS: I am interested in visiting, but I still do not know when I am going to be able to come up.

Do you and wide receiver Coach Johnson talk often?

AS: We just talked today.

Oh nice, what did you talk about?

AS: We were talking about how I am number one on his board, and how he doesn't like how all these rankings do not have me higher.

Sounds like you are a very high priority to him, which has to make you feel good.

AS: Yeah, it does. 

Have you had any contact with any of the Duck track coaches?

AS: I have talked to Coach Johnson before, like in January. 

Do you have any track events coming up?

AS: 4x2 today, and 4x4 & 4x1 tomorrow. 

In regards to football, does Coach Johnson talk or help with ways to improve over the summer heading into your senior season?

AS: I have not talked to him a lot about that yet. 

What do you feel like you do really well (besides speed), and what would you like to work on?

AS: I feel like my hands are good, and I want to work harder on my routes. 

Are you still 6-0,175? Do you usually lose some weight during track season?

AS: My weight varies between 172-176 during track. 

What weight would you like to play at for your senior season?

AS: I would like to get to 180-185

Is it easy for you to put on weight?

AS: Yeah, kind of, I can maintain weight. 

I know it early, and things can change, but do you like the recruiting process? Would you like to be committed early, or do you think you will wait until LOI (Letter of Intent) before deciding on a school.

AS: I like the recruiting process, and I kind of want to commit early.

If you are stuck on an island for one year, you can only pick one musician, author, comedian, style of food, and person to be with?

AS: Lil Uzi Vert, Stephen King, Kevin Hart, Caribbean food and my girlfriend. 

Solid picks, good luck in your meet today and tomorrow!



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