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We had a chance to speak to Isaiah Williams, Trinity Catholic High School, St. Louis, Mo., and his head coach Cory Patterson about an offer to Williams last week. Here is what they had to say about the offer and about Williams' recruitment.

Hello Coach (Cory) Patterson, we're hearing that one of your players, Isaiah Williams, picked up a Duck offer on March 29?

Coach Patterson: Yes he did.

How many offers does Isaiah have at this time?

Coach Patterson: 29.

Wow, that is a lot off offers. How much interest do you think he has in the Ducks?

Coach Patterson: Yes sir, I am very busy fielding recruiting request. In an article with Al Pops back in eighth grade, he said it was his dream school.

Do you think distance will be factor for Isaiah?

Coach Patterson: I do not believe distance is an issue for Isaiah.

Do you know if the Ducks are recruiting him as a QB?

Coach Patterson: He is being recruited as an Athlete that can play quarterback.

Coach, can you tell me a little about Isaiah's game? What parts of his game would you like to see him work on heading into the summer?

Coach Patterson: He is lightening in a bottle. He makes great decisions when the ball is in his hands. He runs great routes and is very crafty. At corner back, we just let him play. He is always working. After track practice, he is either getting quarterback work in, or working on his craft running routes as a wide receiver.

Sounds like a fun player to watch and coach, a regular Swiss Army Knife.

Coach Patterson: No question got a couple more behind him too.

Very nice, how long have you been coaching?

Coach Patterson: I became the head coach last year; I have coached Isaiah since he was seven. You can direct message him if you like; he is a real reserved kid.

(Follow up conversation with Isaiah Williams)

Hello Isaiah congrats on offer, how much interest in the Ducks do you have?

Isaiah Williams: Very high interest in the Ducks.

Coach said the Ducks are recruiting you as an Athlete that can play Quarterback, what is your preferred position?

Isaiah Williams: No sir, I don’t mind playing any position.

How many offers do you have? Any favorites?

Isaiah Williams: I believe I have 29, not any favorites at this time.

Your coach says you have been a fan of the Ducks for a while, is there a reason for that?

Isaiah Williams: I have been watching them since I was a baby. My mother old friend was a big fan, so I grew up not having a choice but to watch and I became a fan.

Did you have a favorite player at Oregon?

Isaiah Williams: De'Anthony Thomas probably was my favorite

Your coach calls you, “Lighting in a bottle”, can you tell me what the strength of your game is?

Isaiah Williams: Probable my straight-line speed.

Do you play any other sports?

Isaiah Williams: Yes I run track and play basketball.

Have you lived in St Louis your entire life? Have you ever visited Oregon or West Coast? Will distance be a factor for you and your family when picking a school?

Isaiah Williams: Yes, I have, and distance will not be a factor for my family and me.

Thanks to both for taking the time to update Duck fans.

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