Pierce Quick currently has

Offensive lineman Pierce Quick from Hewitt-Trussville, Trussville, Ala., was recently offered by the Oregon Ducks. He is planning on visiting Eugene this summer with his family. See what he has to say about his recruitment and interest in the Ducks.

Pierce Quick

Hello Pierce, congrats on the Duck offer. Do you have plans to visit Oregon?

PQ: Yes sir, I'm going to go there sometime this summer.


What do you know about the Ducks are what are you hoping to learn more about?

PQ: I know they've had a lot of success in the past, and should in the future! I'm wanting to see the facilities, and I love Coach Cristobal.


Did he recruit while he was at Alabama? What's he like?

PQ: Yes sir, he recruited me a little but at Bama, and he's just a great person, and great Coach who has sent many guys off to the league (NFL).


Have you talked with him recently? What does he say about his time in Eugene so far?

PQ: I talked to him Sunday and he says he loves Eugene, and that it's wonderful.


How big of a factor will distance be for you and your family when picking a school?

PQ: Distance won't be a factor at all, I'll go wherever fits me.


Have you been to Oregon/West Coast before?

PQ: No sir, I've never been to the West Coast, I'm excited to get over there.


You should have a great time, is your family going with you too?

PQ: Yes sir, my mom, dad, and brother are coming with me.


Great, do you think he will hit other cities/states on the trip or just Eugene?

PQ: Probably just Eugene,  we will be flying there.


Nice, is your brother older or younger? Does he play?

PQ: He's younger, he's in 7th grade.  Yes sir, he plays football, baseball, basketball.


What your current height/weight/bench/squat numbers if you have them available.

PQ: I'm 6-5, 285, bench 330, and I don't have squat max yet.


Did Coach Cristobal discuss with you what he likes in you as a player, and things to work on in the off season heading into your junior year?

PQ: He likes how I move, and how athletic I am.


Do you play other sports?

PQ: I threw track this year.


Would you say Alabama is your favorite at this point?

PQ: Right now I would say yes just because of how many times I've been able to go there.


Understandable, what do you like to do for fun or to relax away from football?

PQ: I love hunting and fishing.


What your favorite subject in school?

PQ: Chemistry.


What is your perfect pizza?

PQ: Bacon and Cheese.


Do you have one person you go to for advice in person or online?

PQ: My dad.


Perfect, thanks again.


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