Working on the small things are a big part of what goes on in a practice session.

Football practice is about the small details and repetition. On Wednesday,'s Garrett Hill had an opportunity to record video of a very simple, drill the Ducks were running that involved the skill players -- those athletes that would have the ball in their hands in a live game. The drills consisted of running though a training apparatus that simulates running at defenders and the purpose is working on the task of maintaining a good, solid hold on the ball.

There is nothing fancy or dramatic about this drill; there won't be any Twitter messages about it. There won't be any stories published in newsprint about the drill. It is too simple and too basic. However, it is the sort of little thing that reinforces the protection of the ball to avoid turnovers that would cost a team a victory.

This drill like so many other small drills the Ducks work on are all part of the keys to success. and now we get to watch!

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