Deommodore Lenoir

Defensive back Deommodore Lenoir

We caught up with Deommodore Lenoir, who signed a National Letter of Intent to Oregon and will be arriving on campus Jun 24. Here is what he said what he's been up to and why he chose Oregon.

 Deommodore Lenoir

Hello Deommodore, hope things are going good post (LOI) letter of intent. Have you had contact with Coaching staff, do they send you a playbook or nutrition/workout plans to get you ready for next fall in Eugene?

DL: Yea, they sent me nutrition/workout plans. 

How often do you talk with Duck coaches?

DL: I just talked to Coach Taggart and Clark last night (4/11). 

What type of conversations do you have with Coach Taggart and Clark? Specific things or just general as you get ready for Oregon?

DL: Specific things to work on and they cannot wait for me to get on campus. 

When will you be on campus?

I will be in Eugene June 24. 

Will you take summer school classes?

DL: Yes. 

Do you play any sports or spring sports?

DL: Yes, but I was not able to run track or play baseball or soccer. 

In regards to your recruitment, you had attention from lots of great schools, did you enjoy the process? What was the worst part of it?

DL: Yea, I had a lot of attention, but the process was fun until January. 

Something specific happen in January?

DL: Decision time, it was so hard, every opportunity sounded great. 

When did you know you wanted to be a Duck and re-committed to Coach Taggart staff?

DL: I actually committed to Coach T like 3 times (laugh out loud). 

When did you know you wanted to play for Coach Taggart and the Ducks?

DL: When he first was hired, he had on a Gucci bag, so I knew he was down to earth and cool. Once I talked with him I was like, oh yea, I can play for him. 

Had you not ended up at Oregon what school would you have picked?

DL: Most likely USC or Mississippi State, it probably would have been USC. 

Can you share what the deciding factor was for picking Ducks over the Trojans?

DL: I wanted to go where I was needed, and not just wanted. 

I imagine you will be a great help for the Ducks defense. Do you think there is a good chance you will play right away and not redshirt?

DL: I expect to play right away; I have great expectations for myself. 

How will the Ducks use your talents, do they talk about having you play some offense and/or special teams returning kicks.

DL: Yes, along with cornerback, we have talked about playing offense and special teams. 

What is your current height/weight? What would you like to be by start of the fall camp?

DL: Height 5-11 3/4 and weight 191. I would like to weigh 205. 

What is your perfect pizza?

DL: Sausage and Bacon Pizza. 

What your favorite holiday, and why?

DL: DLeno Day (October 6) because I like to receive gifts. 

Love it DLeno Day! If you could spend the day with any celebrity, who would it be?

DL: Spend a day with Arnise Williams. 

Mountains or the beach?

DL: Beach, I like to swim and surf, catching waves is the best thing ever. 

Have you ever taken dance lesions? Whom would you want to dance with?

DL: Never taken dance lessons, and see my favorite celebrity, (laughs) 

Nice Deommodore, thanks again, any message for Duck fans?

DL: This year gone be special I can promise that! 

Have a great day.

DL: You too.

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