3-star athlete R.J. Stone

R.J. Stone, a 3-star tight end from Valley Christian High School in San Jose is starting to heat up recruiting-wise with a number of programs showing interest. One of them is Oregon and perhaps there is a good reason for that. Stone has all kinds of connections to the University of Oregon. His two sisters are Ducks and are athletes in volleyball and track and field. Not only that, Stone is the son of former NFL 3-time Pro Bowler Ron Stone, who also happens to be one of R.J.'s HS coaches.

 R.J. Stone 

Hello R.J. how is recruiting going?

RJS: Recruiting is going great! I am enjoying the process. 

How many offers? Which was the last school to offer?

RJS: I have nine offers, and the last school to offer was ASU. 

Have you talked with any coach(s) at Oregon? If so who? How much interest in the Ducks do you have?

RJS: Yes, I actually went up to Oregon in February for my sister’s birthday, and got to meet all the coaches at that time. I have a lot of interest in the Ducks; it seems to have become a family school for us with my two sisters going there, and my neighbor Cyrus (Habibi-Likio) just committing to the Ducks. 

What sports do your sister play?

RJS: One is on the volleyball team, and the other is a thrower on the track & field team.

Wow, you must have some athletic parents?

RJS: Yes they are, my dad played in the NFL for 13 years(laughs).

Ron Stone,  an offensive lineman?

RJS: Yes. 

How does he help you in regards to recruiting, and developing as a player?

RJS: He just always talks to me about keeping myself appealable to college coaches with my play, and just making myself available. In regards to training, he has been great. He knows a lot of great technique, which he teaches to his O-line, (he coaches at my school). Makes it more competitive, and forces me to work that much harder. 

I can imagine, I coach my son team, and get some nasty looks from my wife/his mom trying to coach him up.

RJS: (laughs). 

Have you talked with any coaches since the visit?

RJS: I talked to Coach Arroyo a few times. 

What do you discuss?

RJS: We did not talk about anything major, just some small talk. 

What is it about Oregon that got you, and your family interested?

RJS: One my older sisters decided to go there for track and field, and then my other decided to go play volleyball. It just kind of ended up being that way. 

What do your sisters say about going to school in Eugene?

RJS: They both love the school and Eugene. 

Will you play tight end or outside linebacker in college?

RJS: I am most likely to play OLB. 

What your current height/weight?

RJS: I am 6-3, 210 pounds. 

What are your strengths as a player and what would you like to work on?

RJS: My strengths are my technique, and motor during a game.  I do not let the outcome of one play affect my play for the rest of the game, and my impact on the game. The thing I would need to work on is my size, trying to get bigger before next season. 

What are your plans for the summer moving into your senior season?

RJS: My plans for the summer is to work with my high school team a lot because we have a lot of young players that are going to start. I plan on going out and visiting other schools. 

What schools would you like to visit?

RJS: Along with Oregon, I will probable check out UW, USC, and UCLA.

Do you play any other sports?

RJS: I just started doing track this year, high jump. 

What do you like to do for fun or to relax away from sports?

RJS: I just like to hang out with friends, play video games, board games, go paintballing, or just hangout. 

Thanks you for your time RJ

RHS: Thank you!


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