Oregon commit Cyrus Habibi-Likio is anxious to get to Eugene.

One of the players we enjoyed talking to in the class of 2017 was Cyrus Habibi-Likio, who signed a National Letter of Intent last February and will be enrolling at Oregon this summer. Habibi-Likio gave us a run down on how things are going for him and what the recruiting process was like for him.

 Cyrus Habibi-Likio 

Hello Cyrus, wanted to check in, haven't talked in a while, how has life been post Letter of Intent?

CHL: Hey! Life has been treating me well. I feel very content with where things are going. I cannot wait to get up there, and fight for some playing time, and most importantly have fun. 

When do you think you will head up to Eugene? What kind of contact do you have with the staff? How are they preparing you for fall?

CHL: I will be there for the spring game. We talk a lot actually, it is really nice! I have been on there workout program, and they have been pushing me with words of encouragement, feels awesome. 

That's really cool, any particular coach?

CHL: Coach Salave’a, Leavitt, and Taggart. 

Did you enjoy the recruiting process?

CHL: Yes, I enjoyed it. Crazy how fast it went by. How are things with you? 

That's great that you enjoyed it, for some I think it's very stressful. Things are good for me, thanks for asking, just working away, busy with my kids and wife.

CHL: Hey man, that's the hardest job out there, but I bet it's totally worth it/enjoyable too! Good for you. 

Thanks for the kind words, and support, I do love being a dad. You seem to have a really strong family around you, how have they helped you grow into the young man you are today?

CHL: Anytime, I think family is something you can trust like no other. They have helped me through their actions and moral support. Not a day goes by that I do not feel loved or neglected by them. They have helped me with my faith and reliance on prayer. Almost feels like I have my own little village of support around me. During my process I looked for something similar (the village) in a school, turned out to be Oregon! 

That is great! Your village has done a fantastic job! I love this picture of you, Sampson, Popo, and Austin throwing up the “O”, how close was Josh (Falo) to being a Duck?

CHL: Appreciate it! So close that he had two endings to his commitment video. 

Oh, than it was very close.

CHL: Yeah, he would have been a great fit. 

I agree.

CHL: Wish he would have been a Duck, but wish only the best for him at USC, he is a great friend! 

Had you not picked the Ducks who was your second choice? What was the hardest part of recruiting?

CHL: The hardest part was letting go of all the great relationships that had been created over the months. Did not really have a second choice because I was too focused on the first one. I would have to say between USC, CAL, UTAH. I really like Ole Miss. but I have never been there. 

What is your current height/weight? What would you like to weigh by fall practices?

CHL: I am 6-1 223. As long as I can be strong, and fast, I do not mind what weight I am. I think I am at a good weight now. 

What side of the ball do you think you will start out at?

CHL: I am not sure. I want to play slot and get reps at running the ball. Many of my offers came from camps, and coaches seeing me run routes. At my high school, we only run the ball. Once they see me in person I think it'll change certain things. 

Very nice, can’t wait for the spring game, and fall camp to start! Do you have any clue to your living arraignments/roommates you are going to have in Eugene yet?

CHL: Same here! Not sure what is happening hopefully we can still live at the rooms they showed us on our official. I will be rooming with Sampson, Popo, and Austin. 

That should be a lively house lol. A little insight into Cyrus for the Duck fans. What did you do for you latest birthday?

CHL: For my last birthday, I had a huge surprise party it was fun! 

What your favorite holiday, and why?

CHL: My favorite Holliday is Christmas because of presents and my birthday is the day before. That means double presents (laughs). 

Are you afraid of heights? What are you afraid of?

CHL: I am not afraid of heights! Just afraid of God and losing a family member! 

What is the most memorable class you have taken?

CHL: The most memorable class I have taken is sign language because it is almost as if you are in a completely new world. I love going out into the deaf community, and chatting with them. 

What your favorite thing to spend money on?

CHL: I love to shop and I love clothes. I also love to buy gifts for the people I care about and seeing their reactions. 

Mountains or the Beach?

CHL: I am a beach guy! 

Awesome Cyrus, Thank you for the time, have fun at the spring game. Do you have a message to share with Duck fans?

CHL: I cannot wait!

Be prepared to cheer for a team similar to the one that had DAT (De'Anthony Thomas or (Kenjon) Barner running down the sideline! Our class (2017) has been working super hard and cannot wait to represent Coach Taggart and the rest of the organization. We take pride in being his first class. Go Ducks!

 Love it, GoDucks! Thank you.

CHL: Thank you!

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