Teagan Quitoriano

3-star Tight End Teagan Quitoriano

Teagan Quitoriano is a 3-star tight end from Sprague High School in Salem, Oregon and visited an Oregon practice last week. Read on to see what Quitoriano had to say about his unofficial visit.

 Teagan Quitoriano 

Hi Teagan, how was your visit to Eugene to take in a practice?

TQ: It was fantastic. 

Did you spend time with any specific coach? Highlight to the trip, or what did you learn that maybe you did not know before the visit?

TQ: I talked a lot with every coach! The highlight was being able to watch the practice and just getting the opportunity to see the coaches do their thing. 

What did you like about how the coaches handled practice? 

TQ: I liked how they were making them run everywhere the tempo was high and the energy was high. 

How is recruiting going?

TQ: Recruiting is going well and I have three offers. 

What do you want to work on over the summer?

TQ: Speed I need to get faster. 

How are the Oly's going to be this year in football?

TQ: Even better than last year! 

Did you hang out with any other recruits on your visit?

TQ: Not really, Talanoa and I spent some of the day together. 

Do you like Eugene as a city?

TQ: I like it a lot. 

Insight into Teagan. What did you do for you latest birthday?

TQ: Honestly, for my birthday last year I went to Sprague, shot 600 jump shots, and ran a bunch of lines. 

Love it, what is your favorite holiday, and why?

TQ: My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, I get to eat enough to get full multiple times in one sitting. 

So true on Thanksgiving, plus a bunch of football games and naps. Are you afraid of heights? What are you afraid of?

TQ: Not afraid of heights. I am afraid of cats though, they are unpredictable. 

Yes, cats are shady. What your favorite thing to spend money on?

TQ: My favorite thing to spend money on is food for sure!! 

Mountains or the beach?

TQ: Mountains! I HATE getting sand all over me it's the worst. 

Love it, thanks for the time!

TQ: Thanks anytime!

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