Silas Starr (Brandon Huffman)

Central Catholic's Silas Starr

He is the nephew of former Duck Marcus Woods and is a promising wide receiver prospect at Central Catholic High School in Portland, he is Silas Starr! On Friday, he was offered by Oregon.

 Silas Starr

Hello Silas, congrats on Ducks offer!

SS: Thank you man, I appreciate it!

Very cool, when did you get the offer, which Coach have you been talking with the most?

SS: I have been talking to David Kelly mostly. He told me at my visit on Wednesday (4/12), that Oregon was going to offer me. My mom called this morning because he asked and they officially offered me today (4/14).

Was your mom fired up?

SS: Yes, she was very excited!

How much interest in the Ducks do you have?

SS: Well as of now, since they are my only offer, pretty high, but of course I'm not committing, but yes.

Yes, there is a lot of time, you are class of 2020?

SS: Yes, I am class of 2020.

Did you take in the practice on Wednesday? If so, what were your impressions? What do you think of Coach Taggart and staff?

SS: Yeah, the practice was really cool. I liked the new coaching staff. I really admired the energy that they brought to the team. Looks like the new era of Coaches and players is going to be strong coming up. 

I agree, there is a really good energy, sounds like your high on the Ducks being your first offer, are there a few other teams you would like to hear from?

SS: I really like the PAC 12 as of now so any of those schools would be truly amazing to hear from.

What is your current height/weight, what position do you think you will play in college, or enjoy playing the most?

SS: I am 6-2, 188 and wide receiver.

I believe I read that you are related to Marcus Woods?

SS: Yes, that is correct, he's my uncle.

He was tough for the Ducks; do you get any advice from him about recruiting or training for football?

SS: Yeah, he tells me to always work hard and not let people take your spot. He also lets me know to be open to all my options at the end of it all.

Have you lived in Portland your whole life?

I was born in Seattle and moved down to Portland when I was 3 years old and lived here ever since.

Do you play other sports?

SS: I am currently running track.

Do you have any plans this summer to visit some schools or camps?

SS: Yes, I was going to look to go to a couple of camps this summer. Maybe an Oregon camp and a Stanford camp.

Tell me a little about your game, your strengths; areas you want work on to improve?

SS: My strengths since I am around 6-3ish, I like to be able to make plays on smaller DB's. I also try to run good routes to make it easier on my QB. I would like to get stronger during the off season, and work on my press get offs as well.

What do you like to do for fun or to relax away from sports?

I like to hang with friends get away, and listen to music. Whenever I listen to music I like to dance and it makes me forget about everything  

Very nice, how is Central Catholic going to be this year in football? Are you close with Eli'jah Winston?

Central is going to be pretty good. I feel like our team is going to be one of the top contenders if we can put all the pieces together. Yes, I am close to Elijah Winston.

Good to hear, what is Eli'jah like, how has he helped you?

SS: He's a really cool guy! He's helped me with just making sure I'm ready for a game or helping clear my mind. I look up to him like a big brother.

Awesome, thanks for the update Silas!

SS: Thank you!

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