Accomplish the small tasks and the big tasks fall into place

Oregon's Co-Offensive Coordinator describes the Oregon Ducks as having the "right stuff" and he wouldn't trade them for anything. Often when a new coaching staff takes over as happened this year when the entire staff changed, there is a lot of catching up to do. Sometimes the reaction of the team is less than could be desired. However, this year at Oregon there seems to be a regained step, up beat in enthusiasm and a willingness on the part of the players to strive to become better each day.

Practice can be tedious and certainly repetitious. After all that's the point to hone those basic skills to a point where there is no thinking about the small tasks of footwork, blocking, running and throwing just come naturally. That is what the Oregon coaching staff is hoping for as the Ducks finished the Wednesday practice of the third week. Cohesion and a sense that the team is improving on a daily basis.

In this clip of practice, it is very reminiscent of all the clips that have been presented on, the same drills, ran over and over. Of course that is the repetition part and for the first 30 minutes media is allowed into practice, that is what the Ducks are doing. 

Those first 30 minutes however, clearly demonstrate the tone of the Head Coach Willie Taggart era -- hard work that focuses on the fundamentals and done with great enthusiasm. 

Mario Cristobal also revealed that as much as it takes the new coaching staff to get to know their new players, the same can be said for getting to know each other. The football coaching community is a very small group of people. Everybody is linked to everybody else in some way. They've worked together before or worked for someone who knew someone. If there is six degrees of separation in normal relationships, then for the coaching staff that number might drop down to three or four. Cristobal talked about how the coaches came to Eugene and have spent a great deal of time with each other. Not only at the office, but also at home, where on Sunday a coach whose family has not yet arrived is invited over and becomes part of the his co-workers life and family. Whether it be watching a movie or game film, there is a great deal of togetherness.

Oregon's spring workouts have less than six sessions left before the annual spring game in which much of the work the team has done is going to be put on display for fans inside Autzen Stadium. The spring game certainly will also be very basic in nature, there won't be too much revealed in terms of the style of play that will occur next fall, but just a glimpse. Judging by the turnout last Saturday at Jesuit High School in Portland, one might expect a very large crowd at Autzen Stadium on April 29, starting at 11 a.m. to see what is in store for the 2017 edition of the Oregon Ducks.

One thing that will certainly be present, is that constant work on fundamentals and basics, as the Duck players and coaches continue to develop their bonds with each other.

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