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Bruce Judson, Jr.,

Oregon signee Bruce Judson Jr., is planning on visiting the Ducks' Spring Game. We caught up with Judson and asked him about the recruiting process and how things are going for him as he is nearing the time that he'll enroll at Oregon.

Bruce Judson Jr.

Hello Bruce, how have things been going since LOI (Letter of Intent), when do you think you will be in Eugene?

BJJr: What's up, and I'll be there next Thursday (4/27) to Sunday (4/30) or Monday for the spring game.

That will be fun. Is it nice to have recruiting over so you can focus on your season, or did you enjoy the recruiting process?

BJJr: Nah (Laugh out Loud), I enjoyed it a lot; I actually kind of miss it. 

That is cool that you enjoyed the process. What was the worst part?

BJJr: Lol, Coaches getting mad that I would not commit to their school when they wanted me to. There was plenty of schools, and coaches that lied to me, telling me there class is filling up and I need to commit. That they could not save my spot and et cetera. 

Had you not picked the Ducks who were your second and third picks?

BJJr: Oregon State, Florida, and maybe Virginia Tech. 

Who is your main contact on the Ducks staff? When was last time you talked?

BJJr: I talk with Coach Pimp (Pimpleton) a lot. 

What do they have you doing to get ready for fall ball?

BJJr: Working out, but I am just making sure I am in great shape when I get there. I been conditioning, and will start doing fieldwork this week. 

What weight would you like to be at for fall, what your current height and weight?

BJJr: I am 5-9, 210, I want to come in at 200-205. 

Does Coach Pimp talk about how he will use your skill set? I assume you are playing running back.

BJJr: He talks about moving me around, and using me in many different ways.  I want to be in the backfield rotation, or come in and play slot. 

Looking back, would you have done anything different in regards to your approach to being recruited?

BJJr: Nah, I would not trade or regret anything I did. I do not think I would do anything different. 

Did you take all five official visits?

BJJr: Yes, I took all five visits. 

Who helped you with the process?

BJJr: My parents and I trust myself. I am a very strong-minded person, just knowing that a coach cannot just persuade me, or talk me into doing things. 

What was the deciding factor when picking the Ducks? When did you know in your heart that you were going to sign with Oregon?

BJJr: I was going to Oregon State, but after my visit to Eugene that changed. I felt like that was where the love was. When I visited, it felt like home, and that is where the love was at. Like I said, every recruit should build a good relationship, because it is all about relationships. 

Have a great visit to Eugene, thanks for the update.

BJJr: Thanks, appreciate it!

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