Sol-Jay Maiava (Blair Angulo)

Sol-Jay Maiava from Kahuku, Hawaii

Sol-Jay Maiava is a 2020 quarterback from Kahuku High School in Kahuku, Hawaii. He already has offers and is interested in Oregon. Read on to see what he says about his recruitment.

 Sol-Jay Maiava 

Hello Sol-Jay, how is recruiting going, have you talked with any Duck coaches?

SJM: Recruiting is going well! I am just grinding out here. Been talking with Coach David Kelly. 

Your class of 2020 correct?

SJM: Yes sir. 

Nice, plenty of time, do you enjoy the recruiting process so far?

SJM: Definitely, I am just trying to do my part in the classroom, and getting better on the field. 

Great plan, defiantly starts in the classroom. Do you have any plans to visit the States this summer, and look at campus?

SJM: For summer, I am scheduled to go to UGA, Auburn, and Vanderbilt. I definitely want to come out to Oregon and Utah. 

What does Coach Kelly discuss with you?

SJM: We talk about football, school, basketball and I did track this year. He always asks me how's school doing. He said I am there guy for 2020, and that an offer is coming soon. He's impressed with me because I started as a freshman on the varsity team. He likes that I play multiple sports and last week I jumped 40 feet 10.5 inches in our track championships for the triple jump, it was good enough for 1st place. 

Awesome work, very sweet! Did you grow up watching Marcus Mariota or Jeremiah Masoli?

SJM: Oh definitely, their idols man, especially Marcus. 

What do you do for fun or to relax?

SJM: Hang out with friends and family.  Play video games and we go to the beach. 

Have you lived in Hawaii your whole life?

SJM:  Yes, I have. 

What your current height/weight?

SJM: I am 6-1, 177. 

If you did not do sports, what is your dream profession?

SJM: Engineer or I would also love to be a teacher, my mom’s a teacher. 

Does your mom teach at your high school?

SJM: Right now, my mom teaches at Hauula elementary, the intermediate is on the same campus as the high school, but she taught at my high school a few years ago when I was in intermediate. 

Always able to keep an eye on you!

SJM: Tell me about it (laughs), I got so much family I cannot get away with anything. 

Love it! Thanks for the update, have a great weekend!

SJM: Happy Aloha Friday!

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