2019 running back Sean Dollars

Rancho Cucamonga High School in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., has produced several Oregon football players including Jaylon Redd and Thomas Graham, Jr., now the latest target from Rancho Cucamonga is 2019 running back Sean Dollars. We spoke to him today and here is what he had to say.

Sean Dollars

Hey Sean, congrats on Duck offer.

SD: Thank you sir, much appreciated.


Which coach did you talk with?

SD: Coach Pimp (Pimpleton) talked to me. I had a conversation with Coach Heyward before, and then Coach Pimp called and they offered yesterday (4/20).


How much interest in the Ducks do you have?

SD: I have a lot of interest in the Ducks, that's my dream school.


It will be interesting now that you have that first offer, seem like everything changes, have you started hearing more from other schools?

SD: Yes, I just got offered by Arizona State which was a shock since I hadn’t heard from them at all.


So how does a Cali kid find the Ducks as his Dream School?

SD: Ever since I was a kid I was dazed by the uniforms, and just the way they played football fast, quick, and in a hurry.


Have you been to Eugene or a Duck game before?

SD: I have not been to Eugene, I went to USC versus Oregon in the Coliseum. Working on a visit to Eugene this Memorial Day.


Have you had a chance to talk with Duck commits Deommodore Lenoir, Thomas Graham Jr. and or Jaylon Redd. If so, did they offer any advice in regard to recruitment?

SD: I always talk to my peers Jaylon, DLeno, Nick and Graham, telling me how the program is and everything.


What one or two things that have really stuck out for you, that you have taken to heart?

SD: Two things about Oregon, First it is my dream school, and to know they offered me first is great.


Do you have any plans for the summer to check out campus?

SD: Oregon on Memorial Day and ASU sometime in the summer.


Tell me about your game, your strengths? and area's you would like to get better at before next season?

SD: Burst, catching ability, vision, and make a person miss, I would like to get better on my finishing speed like keep my speed when I burst all the way through the touchdown.


Current height/weight

SD: Height 5-10, weight 185.


Do you play any other sports?

SD: Ran track for a little bit then I stopped to do 7v7 and train.


If you didn't play sports what would your dream profession be?

SD: Criminal Justice. I’m definitely going to study that in college.


Nice, do you have family in the field?

SD: Grandpa was a police officer, retired Navy, other Grandpa was in the Army, Cousin guarded President Obama, a lot of cousins in the Marines.


That is awesome, tell them thanks for their service!

SD: Yes sir.


Final question, pretend you're stranded on an island for one year, pick the one music artist to listen to, the one style of food to eat, one author to read from, one entertainer to keep entertained, and the one person to hang with for that year,

SD: Drake, Sushi, Mary Osborne, Kat Williams, and my best friend. \


Love it! I don't think you could have a better last name, do you have a nickname?

SD: No, just go by Dollars.


Thanks for your time, and again congrats on Ducks offer!

SD: Thank you sir!


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