Ducks Hold Scrimmage Inside Autzen Stadium on Saturday.

When Willie Taggart took the Oregon job last December he faced a monumental task of reconstructing one of the top football programs in the country. Taggart promised that in order to restore the Ducks into the stratosphere of the football elite, it would take hard work predicated on competition. On Saturday, while a practice was taking place inside Autzen Stadium, Taggart spoke to the progress the Ducks have made.

"In the last two practices for sure, has been everything we wanted out of our guys especially from a competitive stand point and enthusiasm stand point." observed Taggart of his team's progression. "Defense making plays, offense making plays, it's been fun to watch these guys improve."

Why was it the last two practices? Taggart answered that question quickly and with one word, "repetition."

Taggart believes the more a task is practiced, the better the player will able to accomplish the task. 

"It's easier making plays and having fun out there," Taggart admitted in regards why repetition is so important."When they (the team) see that in practice and the enthusiasm, they feed off of it."

Taggart is also looking to the upperclassmen to help shape the team.

"I'm challenging the seniors to hold everyone accountable on this football team," revealed Taggart to whom he is counting on the most. "They'll be able to leave here and say that they got this football team back on track."

Oregon has four more sessions in the spring workout regime and it will all be capped off by the annual Spring Game next Saturday, starting at 11 a.m. inside Autzen Stadium. The game will be broadcast on the Pac-12 Networks, but it was clear today, that Taggart believes his team is headed in the right direction on the road back to the top.

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