3-star TE Jarrell Anderson

Jarrell Anderson, a 3-star tight end from Rainer Beach High School in Seattle, visited the Oregon scrimmage on Saturday. We had a chance to talk to the Anderson and here is what he had to say.

Jarrell Anderson

Hello Jarrell, how was Eugene?

JA: Great that's for sure.

Nice, had you been to Eugene before?

JA: Yeah this was my third time going, but first with the new coaching staff.

How is recruiting going in general? How many offers, who was the most recent?

JA: I have four and Hawaii was the most recent. As far as recruiting, it's nice and smooth, doesn't feel rushed.

Very good, who did you visit Oregon with family or friends?

JA: Isaiah Ifanse and Mason Starling

Which coach(s) did you spend the most time with, what did they discuss with you.

JA: Coach Gilbertson and Noyer.

Was their one particular highlight?

JA: Coach Gilbertson told me he loved me as a player, that was nice to hear.

Do you think the Ducks are close to an offer?

JA: Talking with Coach Noyer and Taggart, they both told me with a brand new staff that going to camp is really important for them to evaluate me and getting an offer.

How much interest if they do offer would you have in the Ducks?

JA: It's one of my dream schools, so if I had that opportunity by the end of summer I'd probably make that decision.

What your current height and weight? What do you want to work on over the summer before your senior season?

JA: I am 6-4, 231, and I would say everything since you can always improve, but I am going to focus on releasing, mixing it up, along with hiding keys the DBs look at when running a route.

Do you play any other sports? Away from sports what do you like to do for fun or to relax?

JA: Basketball, and away from sports normally play Madden or 2k with some friends, lay down to relax, and shopping

Great, thanks for the update!

JA: Thank you.


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