Oregon Safety Brady Breeze speaks to media on the last practice before the Spring Game.

Redshirt freshman safety Brady Breeze didn't shy away from what the Oregon defense is persevered as: a unit that isn't very good. In fact he calls the Oregon Ducks, the University of Offense. That means he and his teammates are the "underdogs" when it comes to what fans and observers think.

While it really isn't too important what fans and media observers think, Brady Breeze would just as soon turn that perception around.

On Saturday, the Oregon Ducks hold the annual Spring Game, and that be an opportunity to show those skeptics that the Duck defense has made progress from the disastrous 2016 season.

Naturally, Spring Games aren't a true test of what a team will be like the following fall, but considering the game will be played with a limited playbook, the important thing is looking for the execution of that limited playbook - is the tackling fundamentally sound? Does the defense rally to the ball? Do players hustle?

All basic questions but Saturday's game could provide a glimpse at the potential of this team and after such a poor season last year, seeing some signs of life might be enough to satisfy those skeptics.

Breeze says that there are differences between this year and last. The team is playing a 3-4 scheme rather than a 4-3 he also so says there are coverage differences with the safety not playing so far off the ball.

Time will tell if those changes will effect the Ducks performance in 2017 but there is no doubt that for Brady Breeze, this spring was a great experience and his enthusiasm for the game couldn't be higher.

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