3-star OT Max Barth

Max Barth visited Oregon recently and gave us an update on how his trip went and when the Ducks stand in his recruitment.

 Max Barth

Hello Max, did you watch the NFL draft last night; do you have a favorite team?

MB: No, I was actually lifting weights with some teammates. My favorite team is the Bears and Chiefs (that is my dad’s team).

Tell me about your visit to Eugene? Which coaches did you talk with? What did they discuss?

MB: I was super impressed, by both the facilities and the coaches/ players. Coach Cristobal and I talked a lot about where I would play, and how I'd fit in. 

How many offers do you currently have? Who was the most recent? Any leaders? Do you have a time frame you’re working with in regards to recruiting?

MB: Nine offers, no time frame right now. My top two are Oregon and UCLA. 

Is there any other schools that are close to offering? Or you would like to hear from?

MB: TCU, Oklahoma, ASU, and Colorado. 

Did any family/teammates go with you on the Duck visit?

MB: Yes, my sister and I flew up. 

What did she think of Eugene?

MB: She liked the town a lot. The weather was great that weekend. 

Was this was your first time to Eugene? 

MB: Yes. 

What did you think of the city?

MB: I thought it was cool everyone there is so involved with the athletics. 

What other plans do you have for summer?

MB: Probably another visit to Oregon, UCLA, and a few others. 

Can you list some high priority things for you when looking at a school?

MB: Academics, location, coaches and facilities. 

Location in regards to Sacramento?

MB: Location as in how the town is there. 

Would you say you are more of a small town or big city person?

MB: I would say small town, but I do not mind big city. 

Dream profession? What do you want to study?

MB: Engineering 

Current height/weight?

MB: 6-6, 280.

Do you have anyone you talk with about schools and were you might go?

MB: Popo Amauvae, and my Coach Tony Franks. 

What do you like to do for fun or relax?

MB: Fishing mostly. 

Thanks for your time and update.

No problem, thanks!


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