4-star Coynis Miller

Four-star defensive tackle Coynis Miller was recently offered by the Oregon Ducks. We caught up with Miller and talked about his recruitment. Here is what the young man from Jackson-Olin High School in Birmingham, Alabama had to say.

Coynis Miller

Hello Coynis, congrats on Ducks offer!

CM: Thanks. 

Did Coach Cristobal extend the offer? Did he recruit you while he was at Bama?

CM: Yes. 

What type of relationship do you have with him? How much interest in the Ducks do you have?

CM: We have a great relationship, we talk just about everyday. I have been a fan since De’Anthony (Thomas) was there, so I have a lot of interest in the Ducks. 

Have you been to Oregon before? How big of a factor will distance be for you and your family?

CM: Distance will not play apart in what school I pick, wherever I feel at home that is where I will go. My parents just tell me to go where I feel most comfortable. 

How many offers do you have? Any leaders at this point?

CM: I believe I am at 15 offers now, no leaders at this point. 

De'Anthony Thomas huh, I thought you big guys hated quick little fast guys. What is your current height/weight/bench/squat numbers?

CM: (Laughs) we do, but I just loved his game. Bench/350, Squat/595, Clean/355, Height- 6'3”, Weight-290 lbs. 

Do you have any unofficial visits or camps coming up this spring/summer?

CM: I already went to the Opening Camp and Under Armor, so for now I am done with camps. I am going to be focused on my team and spring ball. 

Sounds good, tell me a little about your game, what do you consider your strengths, and what do you want to work on during the summer heading into your senior season?

CM: I feel my strength is my Athleticism & Strength, and I feel I can find the ball well. Things I really want to work on is my pass rushing, I’ve been working on it, so I believe I’ll be pretty good by the season. 

What does Coach Cristobal discuss with you, what does he say about living in Oregon? Do you think you will use one of your five official visits to Eugene to check out the Ducks?

CM: He just tell me that it is a great place and I need to come visit. They will get one of my officials. 

Duck fans will love to hear that, do you play other sports? Away from sports, what do you do for fun, or to relax?

CM: I play basketball and to relax I might play video games and just chill. 

What is your perfect pizza?

CM: Meat lovers. 

What did you do for you latest birthday?

CM: Went out to dinner with family. 

Mountains or the Beach?

CM: Beach! 

What your favorite holiday, and why?

CM: Christmas, love having all my family around. 

If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which would you pick and why?

CM: Wild N Out, I like the show, it is very funny. 

Thanks for the update, and again congrats on Ducks offer.

CM: Thank you.


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