4-star CB Verone McKinley III

On Thursday, 4-star cornerback Verone McKinley III, Hebron High School, Lewisville, Texas received an offer from the Oregon Ducks. McKinley is very interested in the Ducks and spoke to us about his offer and his recruitment.

Hello Verone, congrats on Duck offer.

VMIII: Thank you. 

When did you get the offer, which coach extended?

VMIII: I got it yesterday from Coach Clark. He called and talked with me, then my parents, we a good conversation with him. 

How much interest in the Ducks do you have? Have you been to Oregon before, will distance be a factor for you and your family when picking a school?

VMIII: I have major interest in Oregon. I was excited to receive the offer and want to visit soon. 

How many offers do you have?

VMIII: Currently 34. 

Holy smokes, nice work! Any schools standing out at this time?

VMIII: Trying to find the right one! Oregon, Penn State, LSU, UCLA and Clemson. 

What are you looking for in a school, maybe your top-3 priorities?

VMIII: 1). NFL Development 2). Good Communications Department, 3). Feels like home, where the alumni are accepted when they come back, and the coaches and fan base really embrace them when they return. 

What your current height and weight? What are your summer plans?

VMIII: 5-10, 172; for the summer, I hope to get the Opening Invite, also I have illspeed on the fourth. 

Do you play other sports?

VMIII: I used to, but this year I really focused on off season, and gaining strength and weight. 

What did Coach Clark discuss with you guys? What are meetings like with Coaches? Do you ask questions or do you just kind of listen to what they have to say? Do your parents take part?

VMIII: I started talking to him about 2 months ago so he knows a little bit about me. He kind of gave my parents a little info about his background, and then my parents had some questions. He thinks I can potentially play nickel. 

About your game, strengths, and areas you would like to improve on over the summer?

VMIII: He says I move well, thinks I am a smart football player, very savvy, and high energy, good tackler as well. 

What do you do for fun?

VMIII: I enjoy video games, eating, and making creations in the kitchen. 

Any specialties?

VMIII: Breakfast tacos. 

What does a breakfast taco look like Texas style?

VMIII: Sausage, egg, cheese, bacon bits, and salsa. 

What is your perfect pizza?

VMIII: Spicy marinara sauce, 5-cheeses, sausage, meatballs, chicken meatballs, chicken, pepperoni, ham, bacon, Italian Sausage, jjalapenos, beef and turkey. 

Mountains or the beach?

VMIII: Beach. 

What is your favorite holiday, and why?

VMIII: Christmas, it is the best time of the year and no school. 

If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which would you pick and why?

VMIII: Martin, I love Martin it’s just funny to me. 

Have you ever taken dance lessons? Whom would you want to dance with?

VMIII: No, and Beyonce. 

What is the most memorable class you have taken?

VMIII: College algebra. 

Thanks for the update!

VM: Thank you.


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